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Television Debate. Are we turning into a nation of teletubbies?

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Are we turning into a nation of teletubbies? Television was one of the biggest inventions of the 20th century, and now in the 21st the demand for it has grew to an all time high. Whether we like it or not more people seem to be tuning in and watching their favourite programs more than ever... But what do we know about television? Are we wasting our time in front of that screen? Or are we just relaxing for an hour? Could it be that television is the problem with the high amount violence in society today? In this essay I intend to view my opinion on such questions by debating points both for and against television. Furthermore intend to include my own conclusion on, "Are we turning into a nation of teletubbies?" To begin with, my first point in support of T.V is an extremely good way of relaxation. ...read more.


However, advertisements are usually advertising products that are too expensive for a normal family to buy or food products that aren't healthy for us (Particularly children's products.). Television is also cluttered with programs on how to improve your body image and glamorising going 'under the knife' to look like airbrushed celebrities. These types of programs could be what are leading to the rising amount of cosmetic surgery in the U.K. They are also bad for young people to watch, as the children who watch the shows may see it as normal behaviour to change something you don't like about yourself by getting risky operations. My thirdly is that role models play a big part in children's lives and on the television presenters on shows such as "Blue Peter" encourage children to keep active, they inform children about the world and show them ways to help other members in the community. ...read more.


There are countless programs on history and many channels on it too. Young children's shows such as "Balamory" teach children colours other educational shows for children such as "Barney" teaches children colours, numbers and how to be a friend! Other television dramas that originated from books can make people more interested in the book and therefore encourage reading. Sadly, to be perfectly honest not many people switch on the television and think, "oh, I must learn! I must switch on the 'history channel'"? Although, of course there will be some exceptions. Some people who find history very interesting may watch it to learn. My conclusion is that television consumed in small doses can be a great way of relaxing and unwinding. It can be educational, for the whole family. I find that if you watch too much of it, it may cause conflict between your family and could make you anti-social. So over-all like most good things in live we should use it in small doses to get the best out of it. ...read more.

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