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Television has always had a bad influence on society. What is your opinion?

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Television has always had a bad influence on society. What is your opinion? The invention of television took place about 100 years ago. Commercial usage started from the1920s and developed into a popular medium in the 50s and 60s, and since that time television has become the most popular medium. Its influence on society is very big, and not always positive. Nowadays some families are deciding to live without having television, because they are aware of the negatives and they want to create their life in a different way, as well as bring up their children away from the influences of this medium, which is on whole hardly possible. ...read more.


This habit has become a reason for: a passive way of spending free time, which often creates obesity, because, during sitting and watching people eat to much (couch potatoes), inability of the family to communicate and also with the other people, a decrease in reading books, newspapers, and participation in plays, concerts and etc. There are other serious consequences for example: the illusion of bright general knowledge, which is in fact very poor. Television gives a lot of short information about everything, without deep analyses, examples, and polemics. Short information and quick changes from good to tragic without possibility to react properly create a personality unable to act and feel. ...read more.


Entertaining programs are interrupted by advertisements and information to force viewers to notice them. That is why there are lots of serial stories and their main role is to keep people engaged in watching TV. To attract more viewers the creators are constantly balancing on the boundary, of what is acceptable and what is not. In consequence, it brings other problems such as: promoting aggression, violence, sex, bad language etc., which mainly affect children and youth. In conclusion, I think people should be aware of all the advantages and disadvantages of television, and be careful in using it. Society should be using other sources of information and entertainment, which is more expensive but can give an independent and more active style of life. ...read more.

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