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Tell Tale Heart - Man's perspective (You need to read the Tell Tale Heart to understand)

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The Tell-tale Heart Man's Perspective This tale is a fragile one about betrayal and of true madness. The story contains a normal life of me and my new found traveller that had never-- never seen a true home. The boy had been wandering for-- apparently ages, he had lost his family in a great fire and was wondering homeless ever since. I had discovered-- the child during a travel to the local town-- he was covered in many scars and blistered his face, I approached the child as he-- he opened his eyes, they were haunted with guilt and anger. I knelt down before the child and rose him up with my arms, he did not seem to react to my selfless jester, but never the less I took the child to nurse his wounds and feed him to perfect health. I was holder to-- to a powerful wealth and obtained the greatest care for him until he was able to rise from his bed side. Weeks later the child was full health and we cherished the time we spent together. You see my wife died years ago and we never homed to a child of-- of my own. The child was an odd one though, he kept to himself mostly and he often stared at my eye. He must have noticed my illness but he was still most certainly unaware of my Cataracts existence. ...read more.


As I grasped his door handle, I pushed it open-- and his true mind was revealed to all. My pupils were dazzled along with my mind; I was seeing true evil-- it would seem that the child had-- he had been obsessed, his walls were covered from his patterned roof to his mud covered floorboards with artistic drawings with its leaked scars of-- my demonic eye! I fell back to the floor with my startled discovery, why-- why couldn't I see it-- he was obsessed, he was going to be the death of me. As another night dawned on my great manor, I knew he gazed upon my sleeping body, his tortured mind and room covered my nightmares. That child-- that monstrous devil was observing my sleep, he-- he's insane! I walked down to the boy in no hurry after an hour passed from my awakening, as always the boy was sitting alone at the large table-- acting as if the night had never crossed his eyes, he was acting completely oblivious of his evil actions. Once again after his breakfast, the boy had been set off to the city for food-- at which point my mind commanded my return to his room and as told I left for more investigation about the child's addiction to the stare of my eye. After what seemed hours of reading of the boy's diary, I had been blessed with more knowledge of the child's crippled mindscape-- it ...read more.


It struck twelve, and as I waited for the child with a knife under my sheets, but just as I thought the boy turned up like on cue from a theatre play as done from the nights before. As I peered at him through my desks mirror-- the words 'do it... do it before he does' echoed through my head, but then something odd happened, I-- I had thought to myself what I was doing, I mean what did the boy ever do to me? Nothing, nothing at all, and I knew he wouldn't harm me. It was just my own psychosis doing any harm to both of us. What was I thinking? My own mind got paranoid and insane-- the boy loved me and I loved him to, I slept after this event after being calmed. This morning I was full of happiness, the child left for his duties and the day was like the first week he arrived, I was happy to be with him, and he really made my life great and cheerful after I had calmed the night before. I wrote the story of the last couple of days to be open with the world. I had done wrong and thought that is anything happened to me he should know that I love him and that I am thankful he exists. I grow tired now but I will give this to the boy tomorrow. M.J.Hannson ?? ?? ?? ?? By Matthew Lomax ...read more.

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