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'Tempest' is clearly a play which represents christian morality.

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'Tempest' is clearly a play which represents christian morality by louise coles In this piece of coursework I'm going to show how shakespear shows his beliefe towards christians by using each of the characters. Christian morality means that every person should have it no matter what they have done and if you truly feel sorry or bad about what you have done you will always be forgiven no matter what. To make a point Prospero sinks the passing ship which has on it all the people who decieved him. They are then taken to the island where Prospero represents a god like figure and the island represents the world and the castaways are all the people that live on the world. ...read more.


And at the end it shows Christian morality when Prospero the god figure says "have my pardon" and this shows that he had the power to teach these people the right way of doing things and that he has such a high status that he can forgive sins. Prospero was banished from Milan so that his own brother Anthonio could take his place and become the Duke of Milan and then Alonzo could then become the king of Naples and sent on a boat with no food and only his child to keep him company. They ended up landing on this island. Prospero thought he would grow old with Miranda and die until he had the ambition to become a sorcerer. ...read more.


Verious spirits live on the island and all follow Prospero an example of his demands, which they obeyed was when he asked them to tease Alonzo. He used a banquet. Prospero knew that this would tempt them just like it did in the bible with Adam and Eve so the spirits bought the banquet and as soon as it came they were mezmerised. Then "With a quaint devise the banquet vanishes" This also shows the power that he had and that he can play with people minds. Caliban is ugly and a out of this world creature and seeks to look up to people. He had a crewl upbringing because of his mother who was Sycorax the witch therefore Prospero wanted to teach Caliban to be good inspite he thought that he would never be worthy to do anything. ...read more.

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