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Ten things I hate about you is a modern day version of Shakespeare's 'The taming of the Shrew'.

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STEPHANIE LAVERTY 11/09/05 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU Ten things I hate about you is a modern day version of Shakespeare's 'The taming of the Shrew'. Unlike other movies of the 'teen' genre, 10 things I hate about you features a surprisingly edgy and intelligent script and captures the audiences interest for longer than 90 minutes. The storyline evolves around two completely polar opposite sisters, Kat (Julia Stiles) and Bianca (Larissa Oleynik). Bianca, the younger is pretty, popular and shallow. She hunts down every male specimen in sight and none of them can resist her charms. On the other hand, her older, completely dysfunctional sister Kat has absolutely nothing in common with her sibling. ...read more.


He smokes, drinks and had apparently been in jail for a year - and is the perfect match for Kat. Patrick is paid by the filthy-rich Joey to take out Kat but accidentally falls in love with her. It is all too late though as Kat finds out the truth and discovers Patrick's love for her was being paid for daily. But, we all know romantic comedies have happy endings (well the good ones do anyway) and Patrick is forgiven when he buys Kat the only thing she has ever dreamed of having - a guitar. This romantic comedy is packed full of witty comments and a sharp, smart dialogue. ...read more.


Heath Ledger can be serious but also absolutely hilarious. Heath suits whatever role he is asked to play, whether it be the leather-clad, dark haired Patrick Verona or the handsome, blonde haired Sir William Thatcher from "A Knights Tale". Also Heath and Julia's on screen chemistry stands out and both seem to share an undeniable love for each other, but this just proves what fantastic actors they both are. This refreshing romantic comedy was mainly aimed at a teenage audience, but had the quality and excellence to appeal to on older generation as well. The movies structured plot and entertaining characters make "Ten things I hate about you" attractive to many different age groups, both male and female, and it is a movie which will entertain many in years to come. ...read more.

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