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Tension building essay.

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Tension building essay - rough She was too scared to close her eyes in case the remainder of daylight, that was being slowly drained away, was completely lost from the room. Grasping her knees up close to her chest she began questioning herself," where are they?" Outside the now eerily quite room the worn branch of an old oak tree beat against the window pane; the soft tapping became almost comforting to her. Again and again the gentle drumming came soon she was no longer afraid to close her eyes and slowly fell into a deep sleep. The wind roared; dark clouds approached the window and as the small girl slept her breath, icy cold, became a misty swirl surrounding her. Daylight finally lost the fight and once again darkness engulfed the room. ...read more.


The rough carpet that lay in her path seemed to her like thick sand pulling her down, it felt like the house itself was against her and that nothing not even the strongest man or the fastest animal could escape it. Only a few steps from the window she could hear a menacing rustling, a fearful chill spread all over her body forcing her to stop and consider what inhumane nightmares may lay outside her room. Attempting to put her suspicions to rest she eventually managed to muster up enough courage to continue. Her eyes darted from shadow to shadow but she tried to keep up the dream that as long as she kept going and stayed strong no harm would come to her. ...read more.


She looked up. Already dry from crying, her eyes were met by those of the other raven. His eyes were so dark, so full of hate it hurt to look into them. He spread his grand wings and glided towards the window, jumping back she fell to the floor. She could not move her body had frozen but she knew she had to do something so she leaped to her feat and slammed the dusty shutters closed. After confronting her fears she was now confident she stood tall with her shoulders back and head high, the room was still dark, still full of intriguing shadows but she was no longer scared of the wind or the trees and no longer willing to let her imagination run wild. But after hearing the chillingly familiar sound of his boots striding arrogantly through the hallway she feared a worse threat awaited her; a very real threat; a human threat. Seonaid kay 11g mr richies ...read more.

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