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tension built up-of mice and men

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English Homework Describe with close reference to the text the way in which John Steinbeck builds up the dramatic tension in chapter 5 from the beginning of the chapter to the part where Curley's wife dead. There are a number of ways uses by John Steinbeck to builds up tension in Chapter 5 in Of Mice And Men. Depiction of Curley's wife is the most important way Steinbeck uses to builds up dramatic tension. Curley's wife goes in the barn, and she then starts talk to Lennie:" Listen, all the guys got a horseshoe tenement goin' out. It's only about four o'clock, none of them guys is goin' to leave that tenement. Why can't I talk to you?" Steinbeck uses curley's wife to tells us that all the other men are playing cards because it emphasis that everyone is away, it is also the first time that we see Lennie on his own. ...read more.


Uses of contrast are also an important way Steinbeck uses to builds up dramatic tension. The novel compares the outside with the barn, outside is "clang of horseshoes on the playing peg and the shouts of men playing, encouraging, and jeering." But inside, "it was quite and humming and lazy and warm." Steinbeck uses sounds such as clang, huzz to build up lazy. Steinbeck also uses other animals such as horse "nibble the remaining wisps of hay" to show calmness. And the time when the event happens is a Sunday afternoon which is the rest of the day to show the laziness. Then Steinbeck changes this calm into tension very quickly, "Lennie sat in the hay and looked at the little dead puppy." ...read more.


And Lennie makes up excuses angel such as" I'll tell George I found it dead." Next, Curley's wife goes into the barn, and when Lennie starts talk to Curley's wife, she invites Lennie to stroke her hair. As the novel says:" she took Lennie's hand and put it on her head, and she said:' fell right aroun' there an' see how soft it is." Lennie loves to touch soft things; Lennie is a big baby as babies love to have soft things as well. This already implies us that Lennie will end up with something bad. Lennie can't judge his force, so this makes him stroke Curley's wife's hair harder and harder, as Curley's wife says, "look out, now, you'll muss it", "you stop it now", "let go, u let go". Then Lennie be scared like when he fights Curley, finally Lennie gets angry and Curley's wife ends up dead. ...read more.

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