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Tension in The Signalman

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The Signalman Dickens creates tension in the signalman at first at a slow pace, The first lone in the story builds up tension "hallo below there" may create tension because it is such an unordinary beginning to the story. All through the story tension is built up because there is a belief that the signalman believes in the spectre and the stranger does not preferring just to listen. ...read more.


Also dickens uses alliteration of the letter 'v' to add to the tension "just then there came a vauge vibration in the earth and air, quickly changing to a violent pulsation, and oncoming rush that caused me to start back, as thou it had a forced that pulled me down. When such vapour as rose to my height from this rapid train that had passed me..." ...read more.


The ghosts in the CC are mainly positive halping scrooge top change his life for his better, where as the Spectre is seen as a negative whith the death aspect added. They way the are described is very different , the CC ghosts are described fully ,where as the ghosts in the siginalman are barly described at all ...read more.

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