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'Teresa's Wedding" written by William Trevor and "The Three Sisters'1 by Jane Austen are short stories that explore the attitudes people hove to Marriage.

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Are the marriages of Teresa Cornish and Mary Stanhope for Love or convenience? 'Teresa's Wedding" written by William Trevor and "The Three Sisters'1 by Jane Austen are short stories that explore the attitudes people hove to Marriage, the reasons for marrying and whether or not the decisions made when choosing a marriage partner are made out of love or convenience. The stories encourage the reader to examine different viewpoints on Marriage and illustrate the reasons the characters have for marrying. The Historical setting and society's etiquette affect attitudes to marriage. 'Teresa's Wedding" was set in the late 1960's and 'The Three Sisters" in the late Eighteenth Century- The marriages of Teresa Cornish and Mary Stanhope are clearly for inconvenience as there is no love, respect, friendship or common interests between the people who are marrying, "Teresa's Wedding" is set in Ireland and it describes how Teresa and Artie had to marry because it was discovered that Teresa was one and a half months pregnant with his baby, "The Three 5isters" Is a story that is told within four different letters. We understand that Mary Stanhope receives a wedding proposal from Mr. ...read more.


Also, If Mary does not accept Mr. Watts' marriage proposal, he will ask her younger sisters and she does not wont her sisters to marry before her. Throughout "The Three Sisters" story we see the foolishness that Mary shows towards marriage and it seems that she does not really take it seriously and love is not an issue to her. Mary would "ensure her ever-lasting misery" rather than let her sisters marry before her. She will put up with marrying Mr Watts because "he had a large not really take it seriously and love is Snot an issue To her. Mary would" ensure her ever-lasting misery" rather than let her sisters marry before a her. She will put up with marrying Mr- Watts because "he hag a large fortune and will make great settlements on me". These words tell us a lot about Mary's character as we come To realise than she is extremely selfish and narrow-minded. Mary will accept Mr. Watt's wedding proposal if he promises to have the wedding carriage that she wants which is "blue with silver spots". Historical settings and society's etiquette had a huge bearing on choices mode when it come down to Teresa marrying Artie and Mary deciding whether to accept Mr. ...read more.


She claims That she hates Mr Watts but will marry him so that her sisters will not marry before her and +o triumph over the Duttons. 5he is not physically attracted to Mr. Watts, disregarded in both of these situations. One difference between the two stories is that we feel that Teresa is being forced to marry by Father Hogan and her family and she is not given any choice in the matter. However, although there is pressure for Mary to marry Mr Watts/ she is stilI left with the choice as to whether she will marry him or not If she does not marry Mr. Watts, then he will marry one of her sisters. However, I personally think that even though there is no love to begin with between Teresa and Artie, that love can grow and a child might bring them closer together as They shore the parenting role. This relationship might develop into love and initially there must have been some physical attraction between them for her to have, become pregnant and they did decide to have a sexual relationship. As for Mary and Mr WaTts/1 think it will be a foiled marriage and will not work out because she wholeheartedly detests him and is marrying him for material reasons which will not bring happiness. ...read more.

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