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Terror In The Woods

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David Jones Unit 2 (English) October 10th 2001 Writing to explore, imagine and entertain Terror In The Woods It was beautiful day; the sun was shining a beautiful rusty yellow and the birds were singing their sweet high-pitched songs. My dad and I were going out. We were going to buy me a brand new bike. I had been saving up and have therefore managed to save myself one hundred and fifty pounds. We were going to a Raleigh store in Nether fields which was supposed to be the very best in our area for bikes. A friend of my dads had highly recommended the store to him. It took about half an hour to get there but when we did the vast variety of bikes were fantastic. This was a bike lover's dream. Row upon row of bikes from one hundred to five thousand pounds. As soon as we walked in the store a short friendly looking shop assistant approached us, "Hello," he said with a large grin on his face, "how can I help you?" "We are looking for a bike for my son here," my dad replied. "Okay," the man paused for a split second then said, "what sort of bike were you thinking of?" My dad then jumped straight in quoting a German sounding name. ...read more.


"Thank you," the man at the counter said with a large grin going from ear to ear. After a struggle we packed the bike up and went home. My bike had been collecting dust for about three weeks before I used it. I guess it seems like I was saving it for a special occasion like a new suit you buy and save it for a wedding. There was no special occasion so I decided to ask my dad if he wanted to go down to Felly Woods on our bikes. Felly Woods was an extremely lonely wood that was perfect for cyclists who did not mind getting covered from head to toe in thick grit filled mud. This was appealing part of cycling for me. You could go for miles and miles with only passing the odd walker or cyclist. The trees were extremely thick letting in very little light for shrubbery to grow. It was a Sunday afternoon at about a quarter to two. The sun was still out but because it was the month of February the sun was very low in the sky. "Are we off then?" my dad yelled. He had already got all of his cycling gear on. "One minute I'll just go and get changed," I replied anxiously. ...read more.


While he was doing this his friend said his first word to me. He asked me if I would ride up the path to attract the attention of the ambulance and lead the way. Even though I really wanted to stay with my dad I jumped straight on my bike and headed for the opening. It took about fifteen minutes for the ambulance to arrive but it felt like hours. When they did arrive they were extremely efficient wasting no time at all. They were so good my dad was in the hospital in half an hour. They constantly reassured him that he was going to be fine. It was a very worrying twenty-four hours with suggestions that he could be left with permanent brain damage. I spent that night in the hospital with my mum, older brother and younger sister. We were told everything as it happened and in the end it turned out that he had a severely fractured skull His left arms and legs were broken. He left the hospital within the week and was ordered not to go to work for at least four months. My dad made a slow and steady recovery and to this day refuses to ride a bike. We were all relieved to see that the damage was not as severe as first thought but the day of terror in the woods will never be forgotten as long as I live. ...read more.

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