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Texting and Driving. Using cell phones while driving can really be dangerous at times especially when one is texting.

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Texting and Driving Cell phones are not new in today's world. Almost everyone today seems to have one of these devices. Technology is blooming everyday therefore there are always new inventions in this field; hence we always see new advancement in the world. Some of this advancement is good at the same time they have bad effects as well. For example the invention of cell phones; there are many positive and negative side of this device. The cell phones have brought many luxuries and advancement in human's life. It has made communication very much easier. People have enjoyed its presence in many different ways. There are some negative effects as well; the main point I am stating in this paper is texting while driving. Using cell phones while driving can really be dangerous at times especially when one is texting. People today are seemed to be texting every now and then whether be it in class, work, or at times when one is behind the wheels. ...read more.


"Honk if you love Jesus, text while driving if you'd like to meet him" is the one of the advertisement I saw online. I believe the message of the ad is very clear and true which states that if you would like to be safe then don't text while driving and honk if you love Jesus which means to honk if you see something on the road that requires beeping and if you don't do that you will be meeting Jesus in no time which clearly means that one might as well lose their life. I totally agree with the message because it is very much true in today's context. There are laws in some of the states that ban texting while driving some of them are Alaska, California, Connecticut, Louisiana, Minnesota, etc. I really think that banning texting while driving is important and should be done in every other state as it will at least lessen the number of accidents. I am not emphasizing that texting is the only reason that causes accidents but it is also true that texting and fatal automobile accidents have a higher impact. ...read more.


If by making a law and following it we can save life then I think these laws should be taken in charge in every state of the country. I really think that this law can help prevent accidents to a greater extent. I think there should be some kind of strict laws regarding texting while driving as it is very important for people to take responsibility if something happens while they are behind the wheels. We should really be very careful while texting and driving as it not only can take our life but also of those innocent people who are on the road all the time. Hence be very careful while you drive, remember to put your phone in vibration mode which will cause less distraction while driving. I'd argue that the message given in the advertisement is very meaningful and clever. The message is very clear and useful; if anyone sees the message then he/she would at least think for a while before they decide to text while they drive. Hence I believe the message is very appropriate in today's condition where accidents occur a lot. ...read more.

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