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That's Life

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H.Noble English Mr. Price That's Life I stepped into the lift of the Elysium in central London with a huge grin across my rosy red cheeks, I felt like I was born again. Finally, for the first time in my living memory I was going to see my father, it seemed like I already knew him from the letters he had sent me, via the postman Peter Gabriel (his parents were big fans of Genesis). Even though he hadn't been there I could almost feel him helping me get through each day step by step no matter how long or arduous the journey was. It wasn't really my father's fault because for obvious reasons he couldn't support me so I was given to another family at birth. ...read more.


Mrs. Gates was not someone you would call fat, just pudgy, she had a pet St. Bernard called Luke who always welcomed people with a wagging tail. "Mrs. Gates..." I said questioningly. "Call me Pearl dear everyone does." She said kindly. "Is it because of your gorgeous pearl jewellery collection?" I enquired. "No dear," She replied with a slightly jolly laugh in her voice, "It's much simpler that that, it's my name, Pearl Edwina Gates." A few seconds later I heard a small ping, similar to that of a microwave oven when you have just finished cooking a macaroni cheese ready meal and it's steaming hot just ready to be eaten (with it's lovely rubbery texture), then the lift stopped abruptly and the doors drew open, almost apprehensively. ...read more.


He was nothing like the sort of person I had expected him to be, as I thought he would look something akin to a seventies hippy with shoulder length grey hair, a beard you could take off Albus Dumbledore and ankle length flowing robes that always seem to be ever clean and have that just washed freshness. But instead he was wearing a white long sleeved shirt and a pair of brilliant white chinos, but the strangest thing about him was the hardest to describe, it was his aura it was almost like an essence flowing around him. "My child you have come at last," he exclaimed in a voice that was not so much heard than felt." "My father, my God, is this heaven." "No it is only the beginning for you my son, it is only the beginning." ...read more.

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