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The 13th of December. 1666

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The 13th of December. The events, which took place on the 13th of December 1666. Made a dramatic change in my life. First I will tell you a bit about myself. My name is Mark. I am sixteen years old and I go to St Paul high school. I have one Brother who is five years younger than me called Bill. I also have a nagging step -mum who has looked after me since I was two. My real mum died in very strange circumstances but dad will not tell me the full story so I don't know much about it. At school I used to have two best friends. They were Sarah and Will. Will has blue eyes and a lovely personality. I had known Sarah ever since I was three. Sarah's mum and my step mum got on with each other really well. Will is one of my best friends; he's the only person who can make me laugh on a bad day. I am no longer friend with them now, after that horrible day of 13th of December. It all started when I was invited to a Will's Halloween party, I loved parties especially the food and dancing. ...read more.


But I couldn't, I would then have been called a chicken. So I carried on walking down the corridor hoping for this day to end when suddenly I heard a machine being switched on at the bottom of the corridor. "Who is it, ok jokes over come out now?" I shouted There was no response and I really started to shit my self as there was total silence again I tried to convince my self that it was Will and Sarah being immature but I was still unsure. The silence crated a really terrifying tone, which turned this dare in to a nightmare came true. My head was rushing wild with stories, images and movies of when the main character dies in trying to impress someone. I kept on telling my self that it was all nonsense. When suddenly the light started flickering to my bad luck my torch also went out. I tried to hit it back on and it wouldn't come on. I started singing to my self to take my mind of the horrifying images, which were entering my mind when suddenly somebody or someone was whispering out my name, near the end of the dark corridor. ...read more.


"What happened in there are you ok," asked Will and Sarah I told them that my dead mother was in there. Sarah was in total shock her face turned blue. But Will didn't believe me he said that my mum must have been buried as she has died. So he went to see for him self I was outside with Sarah telling her what happened, when Will came rushing out saying there's nothing there I said there is something there. We went in together and where my dead mother once laid was now missing...there was a silence in the room I said to my self who or what was it ... I'm now writing this in my dying days, My story is the truth it is not some wild fantasy made up to scare people with. Mine really did happen. The story is personal to me and telling it to anyone makes me appear insane to the outside world. I guess it does seem unbelievable in retrospect. The images of that night of the 13th of December still haunt me to this day I am hoping that you will never feel the need to show courage, as I did to my friends, because the results may not be what you expect That night I lost my friends and my sanity. ...read more.

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