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The ‘Witch’.

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The 'Witch' Miss Goodson was a teacher at West End primary school. She was a very kind woman, who never shouted and never needed to. Everyone liked Miss Goodson; she always seemed fair about arguments, homework, and other aspects of school life. She was a very pretty woman in her twenties and lived alone, and she was fond of a very special kid, Simon Smith. Simon Smith was one of the kids of class 4 in Miss Goodson's class. She adored him. He was like a long lost son she never had. In fact, it wasn't long ago that Miss Goodson adopted Simon as her very own. Simon lived in a home for kids with no parents. He was a very nice boy who was matched with Miss Goodson's personality. The story starts in a small cottage in the suburban area of Little Kingside. The quiet area was not very far away from the school and it was easy for Miss Goodson to get to and from her work. The mornings during school were an everyday living timetable. Everyday Miss Goodson got up, had a shower and cooked breakfast before waking up Simon who needed waking two times. Simon would spend 15 minutes getting changed before coming downstairs to the table for breakfast, which was the daily bacon sandwich and orange juice to wash it down. ...read more.


'I want to find out what happened' said Simon. 'You can't go in there, you won't come back!' pleaded Cathy. 'I'll come with you, Simon' said Andrew. 'Well if you two are going then I am' said Cathy. 'No you can't you're a girl' said Simon and Andrew together. Cathy ran off in a humph. 'We better say sorry' said Simon 'No, just leave it' replied Andrew. 'She'll get over it'. The next day Simon got up as usual and asked his mum if he could go to Andrew's house after school. 'Sure, but make sure you are with Andrew all the time and don't go anywhere' said Miss Goodson. The school day was over before Simon and Andrew knew it. They both ran to Andrew's house as fast as they could. Andrew's house was just behind the school. They both got changed and made their way to the 'Witch's' house. 'Mum I'm just going to the corner shop, ok' said Andrew to his mum. 'Sure honey, but come back before it's dark' replied Andrew's mum. Andrew and Simon took a short cut to the witch's house. They waded through the long grass of the short cut and came to the house. The house was a Victorian style house with an upstairs and was shaded by the long branches of the elm trees that leaned over the house. ...read more.


With a nudge, the door burst open and there stood Simon's hero, the man that he met on the way to school. The man came through the flames, using the door as a shield. He quickly grabbed Simon and Andrew and opened the window and helped Simon and Andrew through. They were rescued and a fire brigade soon came to the rescue of the house. Simon said thank you to the man and his mum came up behind him. 'Oh Simon I'm so glad your safe, don't ever do some stunt like that again,' Simon's mum gave Simon a great big hug. Simon was still wondering about the boy in the photo. Then all of a sudden, it came to him. That photo was of him. He soon realised that it was a picture of his family and the meatish boy was his brother. So, there's the end of the story. Simon found out he had a brother and soon was reunited with him. His brother David was adopted into Miss Goodson's family and everything was sorted and everyone was, but one thing was left out. 'Thank you for saving my son, you're too kind. If there's anything I can do for you just ask,' said Miss Goodson to Simon's hero. 'Well there is one thing you could do for me. You can come to dinner with me tomorrow night,' and with that there was a kiss and Simon found a new dad. THE END ...read more.

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