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The Absent Mark

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The Absent Mark I have not gathered many recollections in primary school as many of the faint memories I possess, have been pushed further and further into the darkest, smallest corners of my mind. I can however recall some events (those which have managed to stick in my mind)which occurred during those few interesting years I spent in primary education. I remember being very popular in school being smart, funny and extremely talented though I was never one for looks and many a teacher would agree I had a sharp tongue on me. But another reason for my instant popularity the moment I had reached year two, was my ability to embarrass myself (at the joyous humour of others) almost everyday. I would fall over playing football in the playground, trip everyone up when playing bench ball in PE, spill paint down my entire front during art, or somehow cause the whole back row to fall backwards in a chain reaction and disappear off the back of the stage during +school plays. Whatever I managed to do, I seemed to make more friends through a making a complete fool of myself than anything else. There was one other thing I was noticed for during my life at school which not many people managed to accomplish, and this was my total lack of absences. ...read more.


As we walked down the gangway of the block of flats, I engaged in a violent game called, "when I push you, push me harder" with Christiana while her older sisters conversed about more grown-up matters. By the time we had left the flats, our game had become more vicious than ever before. We were both very stubborn and were refused to give in to the other's victory, although we were both clearly in a lot of pain. We were drawing ever closer to the mountainous slopes which led to a path that took us under the old bridge and straight to school. As we battled on, both suffering a tremendous amount, Francesca, the oldest of the sisters shouted out warnings about the slopes being covered in sleet, but we carried on punching and thumping regardless of our elder's warnings. Desperately wanting to end this savage game, Christiana launched a mighty punch which had me keeling over. Not wanting my opponent to claim any glory, I tried one last time to defeat her , I raised my clenched fist and struck her on the shoulder as hard as I possibly could, but my arm had gone numb and judging by her facial expression I had not managed to do her any damage whatsoever. Now it was her turn, and I could feel my body burning, defeat surging through my veins. ...read more.


A few minutes later, I counted to five then slowly opened my eyes. I found myself on a high hospital bed, curtains with pictures of little cartoon animals were drawn all around me to form a little enclosure in which I lay in the middle of. There were very few things in my small room. A single brown teddy bear lay beside me on the bed, while a ribena carton, a book and my school bag stood on a small table next to my bed. The only other item in my little room was a silver wall clock which was situated on the only real wall space, just above my head. I turned round a half circle to face the clock and tried to figure out what the time was. Both hands was on the three... whilst my brain whirred, I found my fingers had crept up to my face and were fumbling a strange bump which I knew had definitely not been there that morning. 3:00, no 3:15. I smiled a little although my head was still very sore. I had been absent for an entire school day, and it had only taken a major injury to my head to do so. I picked up the ribena carton which was still standing on the table and pierced the straw through the silver circle of foil. Guzzling down the sweet strawberry flavoured ribena and beaming triumphantly, I lay back onto my propped up pillows. ?? ?? ?? ?? My Day Off School Gladys Odoemelam 10H ...read more.

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