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The abused image of a disturbing childhood; a girl growing up contented not through love but by ruthless revenge that lead her to run all her life and roam the streets of China. Twenty five years of age

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HUNTED Chaste -Virtuous Zhen-Ni, a Chinese name- translated- chaste virtuous. The abused image of a disturbing childhood; a girl growing up contented not through love but by ruthless revenge that lead her to run all her life and roam the streets of China. Twenty five years of age, she was one of China's 'MOST WANTED'. Performing her first official assassination at the age of fifteen by brutally murdering Xiong; like the meaning of his name he was powerful but the most repulsive pedophile there was in the city of Fujian Sheng, China. One silent night, when even the stillness of the air didn't move a single leaf on the tree, Zhen-Ni and her older sister Tao sat intently doing there schoolwork under the lantern light in the corner of the room, whilst their mother prepared dinner in the kitchen; the stillness resumed. The sound of silence only meant that tension was growing somewhere else and it needed only a spark for it to explode. The door thrashed open rebounding back from the grey cemented wall; the ground shook as Xiong took giant strides into their peaceful sanctuary with two of his nauseating bodyguards following close behind him. Pots and pans hit the ground CLANGING against the hard concrete floor as water dispersed into all directions. ...read more.


Xiong and the body guards laughing at there most rancorous abusive deed yet, throwing there heads back like psychopaths to illustrate the iniquitous role of the villains. Zhen-Ni didn't cry. Her heart replaced by a stone, her sadness instantly turning into anger. A fire blazed inside her, burning to seek revenge. That day she was no longer eleven, but a witness that experienced the death of the only two people that mattered most to her. Taking a solemn oath she swore that night that she would kill Xiong and the troops that followed him. Three years later after roaming the streets of Fujian Sheng doing drugs, one evening as Zhen-Ni sat under her usual station lamppost she was hoisted up by two familiar gentlemen in pinstriped black blazers. Immediately her last four years of waiting was leading to her earning the fruits of her labour. Those two gentlemen weren't just any body but Xiong's two body guards who had committed the act of rape on her sister, Tao's body. Xiong's men handed Zhen-Ni over to him that night. The same putrid grin on the face of that perverted paedophile was stilled etched clearly in Zhen-Ni's mind from three years ago. How she wanted to kill him right there and then, but she knew it would be too easy. ...read more.


She pressed her feet against the sinuous fibred carpet and took a few steps towards the amazing view from the burnished windows that overlooked the lonely balcony that was now sheltering in darkness. The view that she gazed upon twinkled and soared over the ground as if foreign stars from all galaxies had decided to come together and settle down in-between the contemptuous craze of china; in the heart of the metropolis. In those several minutes she closed her eyes, and one moment passed that she stood in front of the glass peering past her reflection and experienced the sensation of wild dominance that could've given her the strength to do absolutely anything she wanted. Just for a moment she felt the world was in the palm of her hands and she wouldn't have to run; just for a moment she felt she was the one in control of what was happening around her; just for a moment she breathed the easiest breath steaming up a small section of the window with warm condensation that was released from her soft pink lips, and forgot her past. She'd gotten away from it all, she hadn't been caught, and tonight she'd sleep for the first night after the death of her family in ease. Then her divine moment broke as her eyes opened to witness police sirens surrounding the hotel at the bottom floor. Her journey was far from over... ?? ?? ?? ?? Rashmita Chowdhury ...read more.

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