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The Advantages and disadvantages of hosting the 2012 Olympic Games.

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´╗┐The Advantages and disadvantages of hosting the 2012 Olympic Games. This summer, Great Britain had the privilege of being home to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, which saw national pride being at its utmost highest for the entire duration of the games. As the games being on home soil, this was an Olympics like no other, one many of us wont experience again in our lifetimes and therefore was of course an emotional rollercoaster for all involved; the athletes, their families and of course the great British public. Triumphs like Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and countless other great British athletes going on to take gold in their events will undoubtedly not only inspire the next generation of elite athletes ...read more.


Long after the Olympic Stadium has served its purpose, its legacy will continue as a multipurpose venue which will be a great asset to the Stratford community. In addition to this the conversion of the Olympic Village will provide 5000 new homes. Due to the sheer volume of spectators, athletes, tourists and volunteers using the London transport system to reach the games on a daily basis there had to be major transport improvements made in order to accommodate the amount of people using it. In the long term, these upgrades to the London Transport network will prove a huge advantage to the public who use it on daily commutes. ...read more.


The total cost of the games came to a staggering £10.8bn although the increased revenue from the increase in tourism was hoped to lower that cost. In addition to this, another disadvantage of hosting the games was that it caused traffic issues and an increase in pollution. So was the 2012 games a success? Before the Olympics many people had doubts whether Britain could ‘pull it off’. However, now the Olympic responsibility has been passed onto Rio, politicians have lined up to praise the organisers and everyone who made the games what they were. Throughout the country it has been vastly regarded as a success, Boris Johnson, Mayor of London announced that "These Games have not changed us. They have revealed us as we are: people who can pull off great feats,"` ...read more.

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