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The adventure of my life.

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The adventure of my life One winter morning, long ago, I found myself standing before a fire place, warming my hands over a mound of glowing coals, listening to the wind whistle past the houses out-side. On the walls behind me you could see my tall, blacked out, shadow shivering, trying to get warm. That same morning I was waiting for Santa Clause to collect his cookies and milk but, he didn't turn up. I was so disappointed, I felt like making a whole puddle of water tears near the window ledge; still waiting for him with my last hope, but he didn't turn up. My dad came in the room quietly without me noticing, because I had my back turned towards him. I think that he ate and drank the milk and cookies. The reason why I say that is because he came towards me, got down on both knees, side by side with my shoulders, put his right hand on my head and whispered in my ear. "So Santa Clause came didn't he." ...read more.


I walked towards my mum slowly. "What's the matter, why I everyone sad." I asked "Why are you crying?" "Remember your uncle Mohammed, well ... well" "Well what, what happened?" "I can't do it, I just can't do it,". My mum started to weep more. My dad came to me, got down on one knee and said "Your uncle Mohammed, remember he said he was going to go away, well now his gone away and he is never coming back!" I thought to myself, that he went on holiday and eventually he would come back, but he never did. By the time I was ten, I found out that he passed away. I was angry that my parents lied to me, but at the same time I understood why. I was too young to be depressed, so I thank them for that. At the age of eleven when I was starting secondary school, I was getting bullied. Everyday I would go home with bruises on my face. If not on my face, on my arm, and if not in that, they would be on my body. ...read more.


I thought to myself for a slit second he'll collapse on the floor, but what do you know. He gets up, straightens his back, starts to twitch his eyes and gives him one big right hook. All I could remember for a while was waking up in the medical room with an enormous lump on top of my eye. At the end of the day it was all sorted out. They expelled the boy, and put me in detention for two days. After that everything was back to normal except for my lump. Today at the present day I am fourteen. In four months times I'll be fifteen. Right now I'm year nine and just finished my S.A.Ts test. I keep on wondering to myself what are the results. I hope that I will get level five in English, level six in maths, and level five in science. In the future I would like to join the army, because I wouldn't like to have a desk job, it's to boring for me. I'm one of those people that like to have an adventure, travel round the world. So these are the memories that I can remember during my life. ...read more.

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