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The advertisement for this analysis is to promote LUX shower gel and was extracted from the Elle magazine.

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Media In general, advertising is the paid promotion of goods, services and ideas by an identified sponsor. It is simply a public promotion of a product or service to attract public attention and persuade them to take part with their cash. Advertising takes place in different forms such as Magazines, Internet, Television, radio and so on, for publicity, personal selling or sales promotion. Advertising has a massive effect on different types of media, in terms of their money & power. The main effect of advertising is to influence people by exposing the alleged effectiveness of a certain product. The advertisement for this analysis is to promote LUX shower gel and was extracted from the Elle magazine. The layout of the advertisement is quite attractive, linking the product with all the images & text which is on full A4 page. The layout is really simple as advertisers need to get straight to the point and also persuade both simple & sophisticated consumers. The advertisement has an attractive image of a celebrity in the centre of the page, which stand out for itself as a young beautiful lady tries to attract the target audience by linking herself with the product. ...read more.


It is evident that the different aspects of colour play an important role in marketing. Each colour has a unique ability to influence & persuade the target audience to buy their product. The combination of contrasting colours like red and black is used in the advertisement to grab the readers attention & because black is a dark colour, it makes the lady stand out more. The main motive of the colour is so that they can attract the reader's attention at one glance so that they spend more time seeing their advertisement. Because the advertisement target audience is women, the pink dress really plays the key role as it will grab the minds of the target audience at once. The pink dress makes the advertisement more feminine, appealing to potential buyers. The product's name 'LUX' links to advert in many ways. Because the LUX is written in large font, in with a golden colour shown by the image emphasises the importance of the product & links it with the luxurious lifestyle. ...read more.


The reader will really be persuaded by knowing that it's for 'any girls' and they will feel free to buy and use it. Celebrities are used for promoting products because celebrities are seen as a role models by lots of the people, also their fans will be encouraged that if their role model is using it then they should use it too. Also, because celebrities look glamorous the people try to copy them & buy the products so they look as beautiful as them. The celebrities are also often linked with modern fashion so lots of people will be interested. This particular celebrity is used as she is beautiful, and in her thirties so it links for both younger and older people. She looks fresh & kind of like she just had a shower with her hair blowing out suggesting that she herself uses the product. In my opinion, I think this advertisement is really effective in persuading the target audience as all the layout & structure are perfectly executed. This advertisement is undertaken with professionalism & expertise. It would definitely influence consumers to buy the products. ?? ?? ?? ?? Name: Uchit Singh Form: 11E ...read more.

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