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"The Alchemist".

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In the novel "The Alchemist" Santiago faces many obstacles on his journey. He is challenged both physically and mentally. He faces decisions that change the rest of his life but he manages to keep on keeping on. One problem occurred at the beginning of his trip. It happened while he was stopped in the town of Tangier. He was in a new country and everything was different for him. Everything from the language to ordering food was different. Santiago arrives in this town and decides to go have dinner. While at dinner, Santiago meets a man who is very kind to him. Santiago tells him .he is on a trip to the Pyramids. ...read more.


Plus, he has no place to sleep or eat. It is not easy on Santiago but he knows in the back of his mind that he was meant to get to the Pyramids. Santiago gets a job at a crystal merchant shop and works there until he gets enough money to continue on his journey,. He stays positive and keeps the faith while working in Tangier. This positive state of mind helps him get enough money to continue his journey. A second problem occurred while Santiago was staying at the Oasis. He met a girl named Fatima and instantly fell madly in love with her. He was not sure if he should leave the Oasis. ...read more.


He is digging for his treasure when three guys see him digging and walk over towards him. When they get close enough to Santiago, they mug him, steal all his valuables and then beat him up. While they are beating him, they make him tell them what he is digging for. Santiago tells the story and one man laughs and says that he had the exact dream only his treasure was in Spain beside a small church under a sycamore tree. The muggers leave Santiago bleeding and bruised. While sitting on the ground recovering from his beating., an idea occurs to him.. He realizes the treasure is back in Spain where he started his journey. If Santiago had not shown such resilience to get to the Pyramids, he would have never met those three men, and never found out where his treasure was. ...read more.

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