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The Algarve is Portugal's southern coast.

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The Algarve is Portugal's southern coast. It is about a hundred miles of marvellous sandy beaches. Most of the beaches round here have red lined cliffs and have unusual rock formations. The villages you find amongst the coasts are unspoilt and have spectacular views. Where ever you go you will find a great variety of bars, restaurants and cafes. The food round this part of Portugal is very cheap compared to other countries. You only have to spend a little money to eat out and enjoy your self. The nightlife here is fantastic and has a very energetic atmosphere. The rugged coastlines here are dazzling And have a very weird kind of atmosphere to them. Costa del Sol is quite famous for its towers and battles that took place in this historic place. ...read more.


The people here are really friendly and help the visitors to fit in. Ibiza is the third largest of the Balearic Islands. Ibiza is renowned for its nightlife and partying that goes on on this island. The beaches here are glorious and the cliffs here are even better. The resorts here are magnificent but I suggest that you go and have a lie down on the boiling beach and after that go for a dip in the refreshing sea. The nightlife here is the best out of all the places I have been and I would like to go again. There are huge clubs that you can go to to have a good time and hang around with your friends or family. ...read more.


The views here are tremendous and have to be seen. You can go trekking on the hills and see the sites and sounds. Rhodes is in Greece. Legend has it that Rhodes was a gift from Zeus to the sun god Helios and any holidaymaker will know why, its magnificent sunshine. Rhodes is known for its speciality of seafood. Rhodes has some of the best restaurants in Greece. There are many villages in Rhodes and most of them are covered with small roads and large trees scattered in the vast open fields. The cliffs are humongous and you can often find large caves in water and above. The Hotels are so big and spacious that you don't have to worry that a rooms going to be too small. The climate here is very good and can be extremely hot in the summers. ...read more.

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