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The Almost Perfect Ex-husband

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GCSE English Coursework The Almost Perfect Ex-husband Wet umbrellas were rushing through the city that day. The people below them were wasting money as the cars waste fuel. There was one person, though, who valued art and science more than new shoes and fancy food. Carrie liked books. She'd spend her time reading and composing music, as well as attending media courses at the university. Driven by the will to take control over her life, now that she was approaching her thirties, Carrie had become a library regular and was serious about her future. The Forum in the heart of the city was her next stop after the university courses finished. She could relax there and meditate about life in general and talk to like-minded people. Having forgotten her umbrella, Carrie tiptoed across the maze of puddles that had been building up on the streets, covering her head with a folder. ...read more.


They had been good friends for the past year, but it seemed like Samuel wanted more from this relationship. Carrie took the book and tried to appear busy so that she could leave the Forum without giving clues that she was feeling uneasy with the way things were going with Samuel. "Thanks a lot for the book, Sam. I'm afraid I have to go to the gym now, as I have an appointment," she lied. Carrie wasn't a good actress and definitely not keen on sports. "Ah... alright then," he replied with heavy sadness in his voice, "And do read the book. Will you?" "I won't forget, I promise," she said with her mouth half-closed. Carrie left the Forum in a rather bad mood. Pigeons had started to populate the stairs as the sun revealed itself, shining gloriously. The rain had stopped and people were strolling around the area. Deep thoughts disturbed the woman's mind and the options she seemed to have about her life began to narrow. ...read more.


Carrie felt a weird kind of fear building up in her mind as they approached Samuel. "Sam?! Oh, Sam, I should've thought it'd be you!" Tom shouted in a familiar manner. "Wait. What's going on?," Carrie said and lifted an eyebrow. "No, don't!" Samuel cried and asked Tom not to say anything. Despite this, he went on. "Oh, Carrie, it seems that my brother wanted you to know a particular thing about me by asking you to read this autobiography - my autobiography." Samuel sighed, knowing there was nothing he could do about it - Carrie was about to find out the truth. "Yes, we are brothers," he confirmed. The woman couldn't believe her ears and now, that the point was mentioned, her eyes. "But this is not the thing which I wanted you to know about your ex-husband," he continued. "Sure, Sam, go on, tell her," Tom said in a rather angry tone. "Carrie, read the back cover" She smiled as she read. Now she could congratulate herself for having divorced a famous ex-drug dealer. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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