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The American Dream

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The American Dream Marco and Rodolpho As a boy, I always thought that Italy was the best place in the world. Not that I've been anywhere else in my life, but from the stories other people told us, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I had so much fun with my brother, Rodolpho, although he always seemed a bit different. He used to walk around singing and dancing, he once asked our mum to teach him how to sew. The funny thing is, that although we grew up and became more mature, he still likes to sing and dance and sew. I never quite understood this, but anyway... I first became interested about the idea of moving to the USA, when I've heard that my childhood friend, Francis Coppola became a millionaire. So I thought, hold on a sec, I could do that. I'm much smarter and talented than him. But than I realised that I have a much more important thing to take care of: my family. My wife and my three children are more important to me then anything else in the world. ...read more.


Thirdly, where am I going to live? Who's going to get me a job? I mentioned the idea to Rodolpho and he seemed to be quite positive about it, he wanted to go with the first ship available. Finally I've agreed with my wife that when I've earned enough money, I will go back to them, and decide whether we're going to move to the U.S. of A. or stay in Italy. One day I was looking at the family photo album, and there was this picture of a girl on it. I just couldn't think of who she was. Than I've realised that it was my mother's eldest sister's daughter. I never saw her in my life; I've just remembered that she married an Italian guy in New York. I sent a letter to her asking if she could let us stay with them for a while. Soon she replied with a positive answer. I talked to this guy called Tony; he arranged the whole journey for my brother and me. So when the date of departure came, I looked upon the ship with joy, but also with fear. ...read more.


Rodolpho was really looking forward to it, he was singing Paper Doll all day. One day, quite unexpectedly, our captain told us that we're going to arrive the next morning. None could sleep that night. Everyone was so exited, some people made bets about which one of them will spot the coasts of the " Land of opportunities" as they've called it first. And as the first rays of light came up from the east, we could see the outlines of the Statue of Liberty in the misty morning fog. This statue represented all our hopes and dreams, so it's no surprise that everyone started shouting with joy and happiness. As we were getting closer, the statue was getting bigger and bigger, for us it looked like a giant "Welcome" sign. Then our captain told us that we had to go to our hiding places, and that Tony is going to tell us what to do. We were hiding until sunset, but we had to wait until 10 to actually get of the ship. Then ten o'clock came, and me and Rodolpho made our first step on our new homeland towards a new and hopefully better life... ...read more.

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