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The American Dream and 'All My Sons'

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The American Dream and 'All My Sons' The American dream can be interpreted in many different ways; however the most common interpretation is that of, having the opportunity and freedom that allows all citizens to achieve their goals in life through hard work and determination. A more modern interpretation may generally refer to the idea that someone's success may depend upon their abilities and whether or not they are hard working, not on class structures. The meaning of the American dream has changed over America's history. For some, it is the opportunity to achieve more success than they could in their countries of origin; for others, it is the opportunity for their children to grow up with an education and career and for others, it is the opportunity to be an individual without the restriction of classes, castes, races, or ethnicities. ...read more.


Alike to any American of this time he is hoping that his son will inherit this business. However throughout the play, Keller's extreme determination of completing and gaining this so called 'American Dream' leads to him being responsible for the death of 21 American pilots, one of which could also be his son. Keller is shown to have apparently achieved the 'American Dream.' He lives in a 'comfortable' house despite being an 'uneducated man.' I think that the author Arthur Miller has done this to emphasize the worthlessness of the American Dream and that people should think about the consequences of their actions. The American dream is shown simply to be of material value in this play, as Keller is substantially well off, for his background and lack of education however his family and home life are seen to be particularly unhappy and discontent. ...read more.


Chris is also affected by this because he wants to marry Larry's ex-girlfriend. This is frowned upon by Kate as she has to believe that Larry will come back, and fears his response towards his girlfriend and brother married. The chaos and sadness of all the characters in this play has all been caused by Keller's extreme determination to achieve the American Dream. The son Chris is shown to have an honest/moral responsibility while his father Joe shows deep family responsibility. Who will come out on top? Overall Miller shows the unhappiness and depression of two families, the Kellers and Deevers all as a result of one man's attempt to live the American dream. Miller leaves us to think weather this so called American Dream, really is a dream or a nightmare? ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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