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The American Dream, as seen in Of Mice And Men.

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The American Dream The American dream is the belief that whoever you are, not matter how rich or poor you are, that if you work hard enough, you will achieve what you want to achieve. This is very different from Steinbeck's view of the "American dream." Steinbeck uses his novel to disillusion his readers from the "Dream." Through his characters, and their hopes, he shows that this "American Dream" may bring hope to different people, but then the "Dream" is proven only to be a fantasy. Each character's dream, by the end of the book is destroyed. George and Lennie begin in the book with a dream, to own their own land. George wants to be independent, he wants freedom and security, and Lennie wants to "tend the rabbits." George repeats this dream to Lennie, and they use it to comfort each other through difficult times. ...read more.


He usta like to hear about it so much I got to thinking maybe we would." He backed out of the deal, it was always George and Lennie's dream, they would do it together. Without Lennie, there was no dream to George. Candy also finds hope in the "American Dream." He is old, and will soon be sacked from his job. He believes he will slowly die in the gutter, which he desperately wants to avoid, so when he hears about George and Lennie's plan, he wants to join in. This dream gives him the courage to stand up to Curley's wife, which he would not normally do, because she could get him fired. "You think we'll hit the highway an' look for another lousy two-bit job like this. You don't know that we got our own ranch to go to, an' our own house. ...read more.


"Cause I'm black. They play cards in there, but I can't because I'm black. They say I stink." The seduction of the dream is too strong, and he wants to join it. He knows that however hard he tries, he will never get anywhere, so when he hears about the dream, he wants to be part of it. He wants to be an equal, and talk to people freely, as friends. After his conflict with Curley's wife, he decides that there is no dream. Wherever he will go, he will always find prejudice, so he might as well stay at the farm he is at now. This book shows that the American Dream is fake. The people that find hope, are exploited by their own dreams. They are never able to fulfil them even if they do work hard. That the "American dream" is a ploy from the rich people in American, to get their workers to work harder, and never give up on them. ...read more.

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