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"The American version of " Great Expectations" presents the same basic story as the older film but is made for a different audience"

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English coursework: Great expectations. "The American version of " Great Expectations" presents the same basic story as the older film but is made for a different audience" In class I have recently been watching two films, both "Great Expectations". In this piece of coursework I am going to discuss the two different versions on the film . The 1998 American version; staring high profiled actors, Ethan Hawke , Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert De Niro. Also the 2000 British version of the Charles Dickens book staring Ioan Gruffudd . The American film is a more modern, simpler version, created for a modern and less concentrated audience. It uses high profiled actors to attract a audience which would not be interested otherwise. Also It uses modern locations such as New York and Florida, which are classed and very popular places to be , Florida is a favourite holiday spot for Americans as New York is the countries business capital . It also uses references to modern day US law and modern day events , which the film uses to relate topics that effect the country. However the BBC British film is a lot more complicated version which relates to a more intelligent and concentrated audience with a longer attention span . ...read more.


The American version has a much less obvious class system, Britain's is based on your birth place, whereas the Americans is about wealth, money and power. In both films Finn/Pip is asked to visit Miss Dinsmore/ miss Havisham to entertain her and keep the beautiful daughter company. The family is paid for Finn/Pips service and becomes a regular visitor as he grows up. At the end of Pips visit to the house Estella kindly allows Pip to kiss her on the cheek. This is very different to the American version. In the British version he is expected to have been lucky to been given permission to do such a thing. However in the American version it's different. Rather than Estella doing this, she offers him to drink out of their gorgeous water fountain, as Finn is doing this Estella makes the move rather than Finn and Licks his tongue. The impression the American version gives with Estella is that she is a very forward also confident girl. Miss Dinsmore has taught her that if she wants something in life she will have to get it herself. Compared to the British version where she appears to be very stubborn and thinks a lot of her self. ...read more.


Towards the end of the film the convict returns, it is reveal that he was the supplier of Finn/Pips money which made him become the person he was at that time. The convict did this as a reward for the things that Finn/Pip did for him in the past to help him. In both films the convict appearing in the film later on has been given a beard to make him look older and lots of make up for detail. The scene is set in a dark room to make it less obvious who it is and to keep the audience in suspense. In the American version the convict has made his money in the mafia and is murdered by a hit man. However n the British he dies a wanted criminal but a man broken by hard work after being deported to Australia for his crimes. Overall the two films do follow the same story, changing several scenes to adapt to the times and the different audiences, however although things have been changed. the changes have not effected the original story line and the message comes across the same in both versions of the film. The American version is based for a modern audience with modern scenes as the British is set in Victorian times trying to keep the traditional feel. ?? ?? ?? ?? Georgina Roche 10 ed ...read more.

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