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The Anguish Nightmare!!!

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THE ANGUISH NIGHTMARE!!! A few days before I found out I had appendix I was not feeling well and was experiencing pain across the top of my abdomen. I started throwing up and continued to do so all day and night. I was experiencing more and more pain as I started having major stomach pains. So the next day my parents took me to the hospital where I was taken to the emergency room. The doctor admitted me but was not quite sure what it was. After a few days of blood tests, x-rays, cat scans, and various other tests they thought I might have appendix. So on the 23rd of January 1998 I was transmitted to Queens Park hospital to take out my appendix. My mum and I set off at half past nine in the morning. The journey there was quiet. ...read more.


Then she accommodated us to my bed, leaving my mum and me there. My mum tried making jokes, attempting to make me laugh, but I did not find them amusing at all! All day nothing much happened. When it was 8 o' clock a doctor came in to examine me whether I was well enough to have an operation the next day. After a little while the doctor came to tell me I was having my operation at 10 o' clock the following day. When my mum went and the lights were switched off I tucked into bed scared and worried of the following day. I remember the clock slowly ticking away, the peculiar sour antiseptic smell of the hospital, long corridors, beeping sounds coming from all corners, the stains on the ceiling which looked like coffee or tea stains, and the footsteps of the nurses. ...read more.


I was taken into a room where these people were dressed in blue wearing masks. I was asked to take a few breaths in the mask they gave me. Thereafter, I could barely keep my eyes open and the feeling for struggling of oxygen was awful. I felt as though they were trying to kill me. I do not know what happened next but what I do remember is that I was awakened by the continuous beep of a machine. I tried to get up but the pain was unbelievable! Gradually after a few days the pain started to fade away and I was ready to go home!!! I had not felt more relieved ever than I had felt then. I just felt like a different person full of energy, enthusiasm and eagerness. It was the end to a torturous, anguish nightmare! To this day the doctors say that they have no idea what the appendix does. All I know is that it causes a whole hell of a lot of pain. More then I have ever felt! ...read more.

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