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The Anniversary School Newsletter

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The Anniversary School Newsletter Aberdeen is a very traditional fishing village in the past. At that time, the children had little adequate opportunity to have a full education due to their poor condition. In 1964, Aberdeen Kai Fong Association, the founder of Wah Fu College, organized for the college. It took almost four years. The college aims to provide education for the children of families in the fishing trade and offer them chances to learn vocational skills, which are very practical. The association applied to the government for land in December, 1964. ...read more.


The college's original premises was on Victoria Road before 1985.Because occurred a fire in the premises, it was relocated to our new multi-storey school building on Waterfall Bay Road until now. In 1967, the facilities in the campus were very limited. There were only seven classrooms, a library and a hall mainly. For the first year of the college, there were only two forms, one and two. There was five staff of teachers and 117 male students. Now, the college is extended in all ways. There are 32 classrooms and each one includes at least one computer. ...read more.


And now, we have 22% of students form foreign countries. The school's philosophy has changed greatly. The curriculum now reflects 21st century needs instead of the vocalically skills. The mission has evolved for many times. The college is now aiming to provide quality education for the whole students in Hong Kong, and to help the students for the challenges of the modern workplace and a knowledge-based society. Therefore, we have added Business and IT for the subject in this since 2000. In the same year, we reduced the rate of technical subjects and arts by 30% and 5% respectively. Science is the biggest subject area that we are offering now. For more information of the college, you can visit the college website, http://www.wfc.edu.hk. ...read more.

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