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The Ant Farm.

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The Ant Farm Kevin was no ordinary teenager. He was nothing like the other sixteen year old boys' at his school. He did not see the point in going to wild parties, getting unbelievably drunk and violently throwing up in the bins outside McDonalds. Kevin much preferred to sit up in his bedroom watching the developments in his beloved ant farm. He could sit at his desk for hours on end just watching the ants. He found them so fascinating. Apart from caring for the ant farm Kevin spent the majority of his time conducting science experiments. He was attempting to invent a potion that would slightly increase the surface area of an ant so he could investigate the ant's physical characteristics more accurately. His potion so far had been a success, but he had only tested it out on dead objects. Kevin was unsure of the effects the potion would have on an actual living creature but was willing to take a risk. "After all" he thought, "What's the worse that could happen?" ...read more.


Kevin went hysterical and began to attack the ant by spraying the insect killer directly at the ant However this just seemed to exasperate the ant and it began to lash out on Kevin. It turned around and shot a green gas out of the end of its abdomen. The whole of downstairs filled up will this irregular substance. Kevin and his mum's skin began to sting uncomfortably. The ant then scrambled back up the stairs with its grimy, brown, flaky, scraggy legs. Kevin tried to follow the ant but found it extremely difficult because he could not see through all the thick green gas. By the time Kevin reached his room the ant was nowhere to be seen. Kevin was terribly confused but then he realise the window was wide open. The ant was pleased to be free from the ant farm and enjoyed using its newfound strength. It roamed Bromley high street gleefully. Then out of nowhere came a red car. The car looked as if it was spiralling out of control as it swayed to and throw only just missing pedestrians nearby. ...read more.


As the ant fell onto the train tricks it let out a high pitched scream. It tried to move for a few seconds but then stopped and after a minute, due to the heat of the live wire, had melted into a brown, sticky puddle. Kevin's father arrived at home at the usual time and was surprised to come home to an empty house. He called up the stairs impatiently and when there was no reply he stormed upstairs to try and find his wife and son. He entered Kevin's bedroom to find it empty. This was very unusual as Kevin was always in his bedroom. Then something caught his eye, the bottle of blue liquid on Kevin's desk next to the ant farm. Kevin's father could not help but feel curious and when he read the label on the bottle "Ant Potion" he assumed this is what Kevin gave the ants for nutrition. "Well" Kevin's dad thought, "I suppose Kevin won't mind if I feed the ants for a change." So he started to pour the liquid into the Ant farm, and believing he had helped his son out he went downstairs for the last time. Emma Wilson 11G Friday 10th October 2003 ...read more.

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