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the assasin

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The Assassin by Marcus White There are three main things that can kill you instantly. One of them is routine. The second is being nervous and the last thing is not carrying a weapon for self defence. Ironically the target didn't know this. He waited in the rusting, aged, decrepit car for the target to come out of the building. The air that surrounded him was full of hatred and anger and the dark seemed to have beaten the light and won the eternal battle. The downpour came as if it was pushed out of its last place to the grounds of the earth. But that didn't stop him. We waited in the car watching through the scope on his SIG-Sauer SSG 3000 sniper rifle. He watched and watched till his target came out the building. The building was a late Victorian style house and had the exact same layout as all the other houses in the street. The house stood out from all the other houses. It had old trees with branches reaching out to the sky scratching the air that surrounded it. ...read more.


But the target was never out of danger. He drove the rusty car next to the target. He got out the car and into the cold deathly air. He picked up the target with latex gloves that covered his hands and put him in the passenger seat of the car. "Hello doctor!" he said angrily. "Nice of you to drop in!" This shot had made him a hundred thousand pounds paid into a secret bank account somewhere in Switzerland. It took him half an hour to go to the next rendezvous at the basement of a tall block of flats in the city centre. He parked the decrepit car in the car park and got out. He went to the rear of his car, opened the boot and took out a wheelchair. He took the chair to the passenger and stopped. He put on another pair of latex gloves. Then opened the passenger door and wrestled the target into the chair. He wheeled him to the modern block of flats. His home when he was younger. The flats had a lift at the very centre. ...read more.


"I'm sorry sir! It wasn't my fault!" the doctor pleaded until he stopped whipping him. He thanked him but he didn't want to hear it. He went back over to the cupboard and took out the rest of the cupboard contents and put the whip back. He took everything with him down to the basement of the flats. He had already strapped all the sticks of dynamite together and, finally he attached the fuse to the dynamite. He opened the clock up and made a small hole between the seven and the eight. He attached the pin to the back of the hour hand and then he put the clock back together. He put the other side of the fuse into the hole he had made until it reached the point where when the hour hand would reach in between the seven and eight. When he finished making it he placed it delicately on the ground, left the building got into his car and drove off. The bomb went off at exactly half seven the next morning. The lone bomber had hit again. Twenty eight doctors die because of a simple operation that could have taken place to save the assassins son and it didn't because they thought it was too risky. ...read more.

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