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The assassin

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The assassin Description: He was a tall man, very slim with a small egg shaped head. His teeth were a brilliant white and his eyes were a bright blue, they were like hawk eyes, quick and twitchy. His hair was dark brown and was combed through very neatly with a small quiff. His habits were very strange one of them were eating pistachio nuts when he was nervous another was when he was bored he would look for animals such as snakes, deer and fox's and to shoot them out of pure boredom. The woman's house was a very tall house with quite a few windows the walls were a greyish colour and there were fences running all along the side of the house. ...read more.


A man dressed in a smart black suit stepped out of the driver's side of the car he walked round to the back door of the car and opened it, a young woman stepped out, she was tall, very slim, and had long blonde hair, the man closed the door they then both made their way towards the house, the man opened the front door to the house and they both stepped inside. The assassin then began to cut at the fence where he then made a hole just big enough to squeeze through, he made sure that he kept the spare piece of wire so that he could replace it with the hole. He quickly slithered through the tight hole. ...read more.


He ran as fast as he could, when he got near the fence he threw his gun and bag over the fence and looked for the hole but it was gone. He grabbed hold of the fence and climbed when he got to the top he could feel heavy raindrops on his head, he looked up and jumped the barbed wire as well as he could, but it caught him and his arm began to bleed heavily. He ignored this and picked up his rifle and bag and again he ran until he reached the road, when he reached the road he stopped and heard a car approach at high speed the car stopped and he got in. All this time he had been running but at the same time he had been calm. The car drove away without a trace of anything...but blood. ...read more.

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