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The Assassin

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THE ASSASSIN It was a dark night the rain was swooping in. A full moon lit up the dull valley. A lonely man lay in the rain soaked grass, constantly starring down at a lonely country cottage. A car passed by on the lane creating Silhouettes within the trees. The car startled him, but his lack of nerves led him to carry on. All to be heard was an owls hooting in a near by whistling tree. The waiting was endless, a single drop of rain trickled down his stern face, but for fear of being caught he never twitched. Two deafening roars of thunder echoed through the hills but torrential conditions didn't move him, his unblinking, hard, cold eyes where fixed on the house. ...read more.


He calmly walked into an uncarpeted hallway, which was in total darkness. He started to walk up the old staircase to wait for his victim, like an eagle swooping for its prey. He entered the front bedroom and brushed the glass off the bed, using the newspaper. The colour of the wall was a dusty black colour he knew could camouflage him. The room suddenly lit up. The man jumped to the floor away from the window. He later discovered that a car had turned into the driveway The car only had one working headlight. The man stood solidly watching a woman slowly walk up to the front door. She looked tired as tried to shield the rain from her newly tanned skin. ...read more.


She walked over the dense carpet of the lounge one more time. He steadily put the rifle to his eye waiting for the door to creak open. The woman stepped into the occupied room the man repeatedly shot her in her head blowing her life away in seconds. Her cold body fell to the floor spraying her surroundings with blood. The assassin made his escape slowly knowing that there was nobody about for miles. He dismantled his weapon making sure it fitted into his box neatly. He opened the bedroom door using the newspaper he had found earlier. He strolled down the garden path, throwing the newspaper into her car as he passed. The assassin casually stepped into his car and drove off down the winding lane into the darkness. ~2I12I2OOi ~4:49 Created by David Ward ...read more.

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