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The Assassin.

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The Assassin The thunder smashed the sky into a million pieces, sending a roar across the dark and forsaken night. Rain fiercely hit anything in its way, which became more and more untamed as the night sustained on. The mist moved sluggishly through the endless and lonely street, as it covered the scene. Lighting gave way through the sky after another thunderous roar. A stream of water flooded the drains as it strolled down the sidewalk. In the distance stood a dark, long, over-shadowed figure, as it blended in with trees behind it. The street light shone across its face as the hat covered its eyes. It was a male, around six feet, standing strong with a black trench coat, reaching to his knees. The rain dripped off the coat creating a small puddle around his feet. He glazed straight ahead with his hands in his coat pocket without movement. Far into the background you could hear a car approaching closer as the noise increased. A black, four by four drove past leaving a haze of water behind its tyres. Nothing was seen inside the car beside a figure in the driving seat. The wipers moved rapidly, wiping the rain off the windscreen. The car pulled into a narrow drive as the tyres crunched the pebbles below together, making a crunching noise. ...read more.


The door crept open a little further, and suddenly she vaulted forward to strike with the glass firmly gripped in her hands. It was a black cat, with the light reflecting in raindrops on its fur. A sigh of relief escaped from her dry throat, as she took a deep breath while placing the back of her head against the wall. The woman stomped on the ground aggressively to scare the cat away, and then pushed the door with strength to shut it. Easing off the glass, she walked back into the kitchen and placed the glass into the kitchen sink. She grabbed her bags and headed upstairs whilst the floorboards creaked on after another. The door to the bedroom was already open as the light on the landing gave way through the bedroom. She placed her bags against her bed, piling them onto each other. After taking her shoes off and sliding them under her bed she headed for the shower. Twisting the doorknob, she pushed the door open staring inside the dark and empty shower. The woman moved her hand around against the wall as she fumbled for the light switch. As she pushed the switch and glanced up, her eyes widened and she paused in fear. In front of her was the figure that had stood outside, strong and tall. ...read more.


Blood was surging out between her fingers as she gasped for breath. She hit the floor first with her knees and then dropped as she hit her face against the floor. Both men looked up glanced at each other and then looked down. They moved towards the woman with heavy footsteps, one picking her up by the legs and the other by the arms as they took her outside. The two men dropped her outside as if she was rubbish and then picked the keys from inside and opened the car boot as rain still poured down. One of the men pulled the woman up and threw her into the boot and wrapped her neck with a large cloth. The other man went back in the house with a large white cloth and wiped the blooded floor with it as the blood soaked into the cloth. He took a black bag out of his pocket and placed the blooded cloth, his gloves, the post and the knife inside and tied it up firmly. He shut the light in the kitchen and went outside, slowly shutting the front door. The man walked towards the open boot and threw the bag inside again, quietly shutting the door. The other man started the vehicle up putting on the car headlights. They both sat in the woman's car and reversed out the drive and drove off into the mist. Jagjit Johal Page 1 ...read more.

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