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The Assassin

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The Assassin Phil Cichloid was the assassin. He was a butler at the nearby Victorian house though this was just a cover up and had been given a contract by the director of a Chars. The plan was to kill Alison so then there will be no rival company for Chars to compete with because Alison put all the money in to the business, therefore Chars would make much more money. The director of Chars had been given a tip off about the merger and had to take action, the only way to do this was to kill Alison. It was the assassin's first killing but he still remained calm and very professional. The assassin was told to target Alison because she owned a rival business and was also thought of as rich and selfish by lots of jealous people as well as the director of chars. The assassin knew the time and location of when he was going to strike as he was told by the director who knew everything. The director was definitely right in one sense - yes she was rich, but not at all selfish. ...read more.


He got his rifle ready and was now ready to strike. Alison turned up the drive and started driving up the long, winding, dislodged driveway. She heard a scrape; she got out of the car and saw a massive scratch on the back of her Lotus Elise. She was thinking about turning around- how could the boss of elicit see her car in such a state the only thing that changed her mind was the thought of been late for the boss, that was the last thing she wanted to do so she decided to carry on down the lane. The assassin at this stage was very calm, as though he was doing this as an honour. He was getting a bit frustrated, as this job was taking longer than expected and wanted to get onto his next job. He could see Alison coming now and got into his final position. She thought she had come to the wrong place, she had expected something more like Buckingham Palace, she knew there was something wrong but she carried on down the lane. She was about to turn the car around when her bodyguards saw a light coming from inside the house, somebody must be in she thought and went to investigate with the help of the bodyguards. ...read more.


She dropped to the ground, the bodyguard tried to help her but there was nothing he could do, the pain was unbearable now; she knew she had to fight the pain or lose everything she had, her wonderful family and friends. She again tried to move but the pain was holding her back like some sort of barrier. She started to feel dizzy, she took one last look at her hand and fell to the ground with the rain pouring on her and blood slowly surrounding her body as the bodyguard went in search of the person who had done this. The assassin smirked, he moved quickly packing his things together as fast as he could. He ran to the car making sure he destroyed every bit of evidence he had made. He was unruffled, calm, cold and motionless. His car was on the other side of the hill so nobody noticed he was there, he made sure that he had got everything and set off down the drive. He took one last look behind him to check that Alison was dead and that his job had been done properly and made his way to his next job leaving Alison to die in her own pool of blood. ...read more.

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