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The assassin

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The assassin I can see my objective in site. I'm standing here in the pouring rain, with the howling wind surrounding me. I go to the front door of the warehouse and pick the lock of the door. I get in. Now to find a place to hide and wait for my victim. There are numerous sites to hide in the warehouse among big tankers and machinery. I go to one of the machines, too see if it's suitable to hide in. It looks like an old printing machine, used for printing money. I climb on top of the printer. I find an agreeable spot to settle down with good camouflage to conceal me from site. I take my sniper rifle, with all the latest upgrades with a huge silencer and a high powered scope. I zero in the sights for about 70 yards. ...read more.


I see the blinding car lights through the windows like looking at the sun when it suddenly appears from behind a cloud. "The TIME is here, maybe the wait won't be so long this time." The sound of the engine comes to a halt as the car stops and the lights go out. Now it's gone dead silent. Waiting waiting! Then I here footsteps coming closer to the door. "I need more time, those bright lights have ruined my night vision". My heart is beating rapidly. I feel the adrenaline pulsing through my veins. The door opens, and a man'ly figure appears, he steps inside and stands still. The silence is deafening. He stands there, but then turns and goes back out side. "Did he see me?" My eyes once again are just becoming accustomed to the darkness. The door opens again. I grip my rifle, look through the scope, squeeze the trigger and the man hits the floor. ...read more.


"It's that waiting time again, no wonder I hate it!" I sit on the pipe facing the wall with my knife ready. A few minutes later another car arrives. I here foot steps coming, the door opens, I check the identity of my victim. And keeping my legs on the pipe I swing down. My head stops right behind his. And in a smooth movement my knife cuts his throat while my other hand covers any sound he might try to make. While holding his head with both my hands I can feel the warm liquid life flow from his body. The twitchy movement's have stopped now, I let him go and he slump's to the floor. I jump down off of the pipe take his handgun out of his pocket. Then silently approaching and sneaking a look outside I see there are two other men. They are chatting quietly and one of them is smoking. "I need to get away! There's only one thing for it". I shoot them quick, get into their Porsche 911 and drive off leaving the scene. ...read more.

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