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The Assassin

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The Assassin The sun was getting lower in the sky the street was at that time when it wasn't day time but not yet night. It was a bitterly cold January evening. He noticed as he checked his watch that he had been waiting for about and hour. The lonely street was silent except for a dog howling in the distance. Still he waited at the edge of the fierce wood. An icy wind was starting to pick up, the trees swayed around him. The harsh breeze stung the side of his face. Dark storm clouds gathered in the sky covering the moon. There were few stars visible. The street had now become pitch black the only source of light coming from street lights the one in front of the house he had been watching flickered on and off. The door way of the house was crumbling and all the paint was chipped off the door. The garden had no flowers or trees just an un-kept lawn not rich and green like all the other houses. ...read more.


Now she was out of sight he pulled his big coat up around him and crossed the street. He walked up the path and knocked on the door three times. The knocks rang in his ears. His heart pumped in his chest. His mind raced. He could see her slender figure walking towards the door through the frosted glass, window pane. As she opened the door he could smell her sweet perfume. "Hello Jim didn't expect to see you, if you're looking for Sam he's at the office" "No, it was you I came to see actually" There was a pause for a moment. She smiled and step back, offering him in. The hall way was very plain and small, especially for such a big house. The walls were off white, the same as the carpet. Next to the front door was a small table with a phone on it and post it notes all around the surrounding wall. He followed her into the sitting room. This room was large but all very plain with little furniture. ...read more.


He tried to put all this to the back of his mind but his heart was racing as he pulled back the safety on the gun. He stood up slowly with his finger on the trigger and raised his arm. Everything was quiet as she stood there with her back to him completely unaware of what was about to happen. He pulled the trigger and everything seemed to slip into slow motion. The glass in her hand shattered onto the floor. Shortly after she fell to the floor too. He stood there for a moment and everything began to catch up with him. He watched as deep red blood slowly creped over the white carpet. Now he must make his escape. The rain had stopped now he noticed as he opened the front door. He hadn't thought his far. He pulled his coat up around him once more and made a run for the woods opposite. He began to walk deeper into the wood. He got out his mobile phone and dialled the number. The phone rang for a few seconds. A man with a deep voice answered "Hello" "I've done it Sam, she's dead" Tessa Price ...read more.

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