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The Assassin

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The Assassin I looked at her lying there. What had I just done I thought to myself as several beads of cold sweat clasped to my forehead. It had been a chilly night. The day had seemed to last for weeks as I had pondered over what I was about to achieve. A sense of full satisfaction! I was going to get my revenge! Eight o'clock came and I set of on my long journey to my destination, Little Whetstone Hall. I parked in a nearby lane about an hour later and found my way to the large brick wall which surrounded the hall. I managed to scramble over the wall and rested only when I was beneath the undergrowth. For what seemed like years I waited, cold and absorbed by the undergrowth which hid me from invisible prying eyes. I stared at the beauty of the house which towered over me like myself to an ant and the unlit lamps which led the gravel driveway up to the magnificent front entrance. As I heard it, her car gliding up the lane my breathing had stopped and I etched a small moving image of the plan in my head. ...read more.


She stared at me before whispering "Do what?" I kicked her in the stomach hard "didn't you think I'd find you one day?" She didn't reply so I kicked her harder still. Then she spluttered her words out. "Don't be so pathetic young man. If you are talking about what I think you are, forget it, it was twenty-five years ago." "Fifteen years of unanswered questions is what I've lived with and now I want answers! I want the whole story." I ordered her just before I kicked her for the third and final time. She replied "OK but it's cheerless." "I don't care, I want to know." "We had been working together for many years as I suppose you have already been informed. She was always the favorite, Liz this, Liz that. I accused her of sleeping with him, the boss of course. She must have told him because I was sacked and she was promoted. Fancy that, sleeping with the boss just to get promoted whilst your old best friend was on the dole. How do you think I felt? ...read more.


I knew I needed to carry on with my plan before it was too late. I took the oil lamp from the side table and smashed it on the floor before setting the oil alight with my cigarette lighter. I crouched there as the room around me set ablaze "should I stay or go." It was now or never. I had already singed my coat and tracksuit bottoms in the fire. I fled. Through the door, round the front, over the wall and down the path. I jumped into my car and turned the key. I felt all weak as though I had forgotten how to drive. I knew I couldn't worry. I drove off and around the lane until I came to a drive entrance. I turned to my right and saw a house burning to the ground. Had I done that? Was it my entire fault? I had no time to wait. I pulled my passport and flight tickets from my bag placed them upon my knee and sped off into the distance thinking about my future. I wasn't going to return here ever, ever again. By James Whitmore ?? ?? ?? ?? Descriptive writing English Mr. Hill James Whitmore 1 5/7/2007 ...read more.

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