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The assassin.

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The assassin The killer waited patiently for the target to arrive. She was running late, this was not a good thing. The schedule was extremely tight, no margin for error. But the executioner was calm, collected and patient, as always. There was hardly anyone on the street. This was the kind of neighbourhood where people went to bed early, either because they worked hard or because they were old. The slayer could hear the low hum of their bedroom air-conditioners. Feel the condensation as it dripped down onto the pavement below. The air was heavy and still. It was one of those nights when the city holds onto the heat and does not let go. ...read more.


There were two people in the backseat of the limo. One was the client and the other the target. The two of them talked a while, the limousine continued to idle. Then the driver got out and sauntered towards the rear passenger door, opening it. The target got out but continued to natter, she laughed, the kind of laugh that comes when people say spiteful things about people they are supposed to be kind to. Then the target stepped back and the limo driver shut the door. The driver got back in the long black car and the slayer watched it drive away. The target headed toward the building, keys jangling. There was still enough time to work with. "Excuse me ma'am. ...read more.


But she was wrong, she was not very luck at all. The killer moved quickly now, reaching for the standard issue billy club from the standard issue police belt. He raised his arm and brought it down with a blow of tremendous force on the back of the head. The sound of the billy club shattering her skull was like no other sound on earth. For him it was the most satisfying sound. Still he left no room for doubt. The billy club was raised and lowered three more times. He stood in the entrance hall of the apartment block. No sounds, no witnesses, no more time. He left the apartment door open an inch and the front gate wide open. He stepped out on onto the midnight, mid-summer street. There was still more work to be done. ...read more.

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