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The Assassin

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The Assassin It is dark, pouring with rain, but he does not shiver. He crouches in a small puddle under a large dead oak tree near an old wooden bridge. He's waiting. There's a gap in clouds as a full moon shines through the bare branches of the tree, casting ghostly shadows on him. He is wearing a trench coat, which looks scruffy, and a large pair of boots. A cigarette is placed in a gap in his teeth. Over his eyes is a pair of dark sunglasses. You would not expect him to see, except this is no ordinary man. Cloned for one purpose, the assassin sees perfectly well and knows his every next step of action, this is a professional at work. The job must be completed tonight, the person can live no longer. The time is near for execution. The assassin scans the area. A small, old car with a damaged headlight approaches the bridge slowly but just before it changes gear, the assassin pulls a long and shiny piece of metal from his trench coat. ...read more.


He calmly carries on walking at a steady, unrelenting pace towards the house, as if he has done nothing out of the ordinary. All that separates his path to the house, now, is an old fence that is encrusted in rust and soaring weeds. Climbing the tall fence would not have been a problem for him, but at the summit it's covered in barbed wire. He will have to wait for another way in. He hears a car engine in the distance and crouches down next to a bush to camouflage into it. He spots the car he has been waiting for. It is approaching the house fast. He prepares himself. The car unexpectedly slows down and as it approaches the fence gate opens with a heavy shrieking whine. The car is silver, with a large dent in the side and with all the windows blacked out. He will soon have too follow the car after it passes through the gate, but not to soon as he would be seen by the driver. ...read more.


He lowers himself gently down to the carpet covered floor and slowly moves around looking at all the surroundings. Unlike the outside, the inside of the house is in a very good condition. It is modern and looks lavishly decorated. He notices on the wall a selection of guns and knives. The assassin's heartbeat has rose radically, in the silence its like a thunderous drum beat. To his great surprise, there is not a camera or security system in sight. He's starting to wonder what he is dealing with. However, the thing that shocks him the most is that the room is filled with beautiful hand paintings that appear to be of him. Hearing footsteps his thoughts are cut short. He swiftly turns towards the sound. Suddenly, bursting through the double doors arrives the man he had been following, holding a rifle with both arms. The assassin drops his cigarette and freezes in shock. The two are of exactly the same appearance. They look each other straight in the eye. The man with the rifle winks and fires, once, killing the assassin instantly. ...read more.

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