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The Assassin.

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Luke Ferngrove The Assassin His sweaty palms clutched the rifle tightly. He was nervous and hot but the icy wind of the grey afternoon cooled his face. From the top of this multi-storey car park, he had a perfect view of the street below. Dmitri used his scope to focus on the balcony where his victim would soon make his speech to the populace of Vendigroth. Although the day was bitter cold, he could feel the perspiration all over his body. After taking a sip of water he returned to looking through his scope. The streets below were packed with the citizen; they all cheered as Emperor Kerghan stepped out onto the balcony. Dmitri knew that they were only cheering because they had been brainwashed. Their reaction would be very different if they knew of the atrocities he had committed; the thousands he had killed. Dmitri scanned the crowd. He realised that there was a heavy cop presence; if they saw him with the sniper rifle he would have to fight them off. It was OK. He was prepared. In his backpack there was a disassembled assault rifle and he was wearing a bullet-proof vest. ...read more.


Without a further thought he started assembling his assault rifle. Luke Ferngrove Ten Years Later The dead leaves crackled under Dmitri's crudely-made shoes as he strolled through the dingy, run-down neighbourhood. The buildings around him were falling apart; most of the windowpanes were smashed. No one had lived in this part of town for years, no one but homeless people trying to find shelter in the abandoned structures. But now, as Dmitri ambled along through the winding streets of downtown Vendigroth, the area was completely empty, and silent. Across the street was a set of stairs that led down to the basement of a block of flats. Dmitri knew that building well. Grey clouds screened what was left of the late afternoon sunlight. With a loud clap of thunder, rain began to pour onto Dmitri's untidy, unwashed hair. He quickly made his way across the road and down the small flight of stone steps that led to the door of the basement. As he opened the door, the smell of cigarette smoke immediately hit his nostrils. He was in a drab, lackluster bar; a light bulb suspended by a thick wire hung in the centre of the ceiling, dimly illuminating the small, rectangular room. ...read more.


the man inquired. 'Do you remember, 10 years ago, when Kerghan was assassinated?' said Dmitri. This seemed to pique the stranger's interest. He straightened his back and stared at Dmitri. 'It happened in this part of Vendigroth.' he added 'You were involved in that?' said the stranger, appearing to be more intrigued with every word. 'My brother shot him,' Dmitri said slowly, breaking eye contact and looking at the floor. 'He shot him from this building.' The stranger stared at him, open-mouthed and astonished. 'From this building? Wow!' He was dumbfounded. 'I was on the roof level of the car park at the end of this street,' Dmitri continued. 'I had a rifle aimed at Kerghan...and I would have been the killer if my brother hadn't gotten there first.' After a moment's silence the stranger asked 'Why did you go to prison if you didn't kill him?' 'I had to help my brother escape by assisting him in fighting off cops. The man I shot survived but I was sent to prison, my brother was executed.' Dmitri replied in a depressed tone. He and the stranger continued to talk and Dmitri continued to unravel his tale of power, domination and murder. ...read more.

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