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The Assassin.

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Kamal Patel 8th September 2003 The Assassin Murder was nothing unusual or out of the ordinary for Ronny Eagle. He performed his duties like any other job. He had to be alert, sharp and precise in what he did. He had never met the Chief Justice lawyer before. All he had was a picture and nothing else. He might have being a decent gentleman, but all he knew was that somebody wanted him extinct. Ronny's trade mark was that he always wore a long black leather coat and had long hair that covered his ears. The reason for this was to hide away the awful horrible memorises that led to his disfigurement. ...read more.


He began to prepare himself for the assassin. Ronny knew that the timing was crucial. He loaded his silence automatic and put it under his paperwork in the briefcase. Last thing he did before he left his apartment was to take the Chief's picture and pinned it up on the wall next to the other victim. He put on his coat and walked down the stairs. The streets are crowded and buzzing with people rushing to get home. Ronny walked into the building and there were still people in the reception, it was a complete mayhem. This was not as he had planned. He quickly had to make amendments to his plans, he had to find a way without been noticed to find the Chief and finish his duties. ...read more.


and pulled out the automatic from his inside coat pocket and shot them both at point blank range before they could say anything. He had to find a quick way out of the building. He grabbed his suit case and looked for a way out of the building. When he looked out of the window he saw the fire escape. So he opened the window and tried to jump out. As he jumped he ripped his glove on a sharp end on the window sill and also cut himself. The blood dripped all over the window sill. Ronny swung the glove off and ran down the fire escape and got away but it's a pity that he forgot his glove behind and left his blood all over the window sill. ...read more.

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