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The Assassin.

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The Assassin There was nothing around for miles, just fields, each a different shade of green, brown or golden yellow. The fields were muddy and waterlogged but the yellow still shone through as bright as ever. A lonely country lane ran smoothly through the hills. It was late autumn and the air was filled with the smell of a typical British countryside. Horse manure, more commonly known was natural found fertilizer. Leaves were falling from the trees like rain falls from the sky. It looked like no-one had been here for years but up in a top field, he lay. He seemed undisturbed by the pouring rain, staring at the road below in the valley, unblinking. It appeared from a sudden smug impression on his face he had spotted what he was looking for (it was hard to spot anything in the torrential rain) ...read more.


The driver was a female and she had the trade mark of an Irish girl, long, curly, red ringlets. The car turned off the lane and on to the gravel drive. For the first time the man in the field moved. He reached for the shiny, black box .Birds fled from the trees surrounding him. He flicked the latches to the case and it fell open. From it he grabbed a small rifle with his leather glove covered hand. The car came to a stop about 30 meters from the entrance to the strangely empty house. She sat in her car, fiddling around for a minute or two, and then the driver's door flung open. A clap of lightening posed as a threat in the background. It was dull; the sun was hidden by clouds. ...read more.


Her keys fell to the ground and she followed and landed with no control. The keys lay a few inches from her hand. There was blood everywhere, all over her body and jumper. Silence reigned again, only interrupted by the pattering of rain in the already formed puddles. The rain turned from pouring to spitting and then to practically non-existent. Putting his silencer and rifle back in his small, black case, he closed the latches and showed no signs of remorse. Battling with the wind that seemed to be subsiding, he took one look at her laying, no life left, gone forever and smiled. He looked at where he had been laying to check for evidence. Only when he was total satisfied did he leave. There was no sign of rushing, he was so calm. Then without saying a word he was gone. He walked over the hill and out of sight. By Emily Faulkner ...read more.

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