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The Assassin.

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THE ASSASSIN It is a midwinters day in Liverpool. An unspecified person is sitting on the top of a block of flats. He is endeavoring to manage the heavy rain as far as possible, while kneeling on the ground facing a small lonely house. Grey murky clouds have taken over the azure sky. You can see and hear thunder and lightning. It is giving off a boisterous sound. The unspecified person is dressed in a long black coat, made out of real leather. He is also wearing considerably huge crocodile boots. His stylish Calvin Klein spectacles cover his wide eyes. The front of his hair never comes in contact with his forehead. It is frozen in the position of a front of a cap. He remains calm and is always alerted by a car passing by now and again. He has no emotions, there are no feelings inside of his body. ...read more.


The assassin looks through the 'sight' on his silent machine gun, and concentrates it on the woman's face. She has bright pink cheeks and scarlet luscious lips. She is wearing a blue top and bottom with a long dark overcoat. She is wearing quite small high-heels. The assassin waits for the right moment and takes his time. He cannot kill her yet as she is out in open. The young woman lifts her bag above her head trying to not get very wet. She runs to her front door deliberately avoiding any muddy puddles. She reaches into her little handbag and takes out her keys. She turns the key in the lock and then pushes the door open. She steps in. The stunning looking woman takes off her shoes and throws them into the corner. She heads upstairs and is in the view of the assassin. He knew she would head upstairs. ...read more.


Everything went as smoothly as planned. Even though it took a little longer than expected. The assassin's job is done. Now all he has to do was to get rid of all the evidence that he was here. So he packs away his cartridge case, still remaining very calm and tranquil. He casually walks to his car from out of the building. Still not considering the rain at all. He opens the door to of his bright yellow convertible, and steps in. He reaches into his glove compartment and takes out a timer. This timer is to a bomb, which he had planted earlier in the house. It is just in case under these circumstances. This assassin is the best he as leaves no prisoners. He drives off until he is as far away as possible from the house and sets off the bomb. He turns around and he can see and hear flames and a massive explosion. It is just like a massive volcano erupting. He drives off once again and turns on his radio. He's never to be seen or heard from again. Hussain Khan 10BA English 1 ...read more.

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