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'The Assassin'.

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'The Assassin' Original Writing He stood, waiting patiently leaning against a large rotting tree overlooking the old gruesome house. Rain fell from the clouds. His large feet were covered with black leather shoes that were shining in the moonlight. His short jet black hair was dripping, dripping down his long sickening, fearful face. His dark eyes gave a look of hate, anger and determination. Tattoos covered a majority of his body all relating to death. His clothes, dark, black, smart, he meant business. He showed no fear in what he had come to do, he's done this many of times before. He sat down on a small patch of dry grass and rested, waiting for the arrival of his victim. He gazed down at his expensive looking watch. Not long now. He removed his bag from his shoulder and pulled out a case. ...read more.


This is it the time he had been waiting for. The off-coloured car, originally blue but now a grubby colour drove calmly down the rutted path, gravel hitting of the surface of the car scraping the side adding yet another scratch. The bumper was damaged and almost hanging on the back of the car. The windscreen wipers were working at top speed. The radio was playing at high volume. The car came to a sudden stop. His victim was unaware of what lay ahead. She stayed sitting in the car while collecting papers and collecting her keys so she could run to the house and try and stay as dry as possible. She looked up to see no-one. She was back home after a long day at work but what she didn't know was, it might be her last. ...read more.


He stood over her and looked at her with a grin showing his yellowed teeth. His job was done. Laughing an evil laugh he turned and slowly walked away from the scene. He once again removed his bag from his shoulder and opened it to pull out the case. Before putting the rifle back into the case he pulled out an old cloth that was stained red and wiped the rifle then gently placed it in to the small metal case and tucked it away in his rugged old bag placed it on his shoulder a walked away retracing his steps looking down at the grass. Every so often he would stop and pick up anything that showed signs of his presence and placed them in his pocket. He walked calmly, casually and completely unruffled towards his black shiny car. He didn't look back not even once. He didn't care. He had done this many times before and this wasn't his last time. ...read more.

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