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The Assassin

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The Assassin It was raining heavily outside. The occasional streak of lightning struck across the sky and the low rumble of thunder tore across the land towards where the assassin sat. He was sitting on a soft, new, recliner armchair. The kind you only see in a shop but know you can't afford. There was a smell that still hung in the air from the new leather. This didn't put him off from reading the latest Janie Olivier cook book which included the section - 'Easy but Effective Dinner Party Recipes' which the assassin seemed particularly interested in. He saw over his book a flash of light at the window. It was time for him to act. ...read more.


normally tell no-one, but the only person who she had told had just hired a hit-man to take here out for what she had done. Hurriedly, she ran to the front door to get out of the rain, not noticing the assassin standing at the window. She stumbled into the house, soaking wet. A rush of warmth came over her. She was glad another day was over. All she had to look forward to was sitting in front of the T.V. and watching about other peoples lives that were worse than hers. The victim dropped here bags in the hallway and made here way into the sitting room where the assassin awaited her arrival. She tried the light switch ...... ...read more.


The assassin had appeared in the doorway and at the precise moment shot his victim in the back of the head. All had turned to silence. He turned away, replaced the gun in his pocket and calmly walked over to the back door. Out of his other pocket he took the key for the door, opened it and walked out as if nothing had ever happened. He left the woman to be found by her next visitor, if she ever had any. The assassin casually walked around the side of the house to reveal his car from under a tree branch and drove off, drinking a cup of cold coffee. Still as calm as when he first entered the house. The rain had now stopped. It was going to be a beautiful day. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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