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The Assassin

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He had to do the job- for the money. The job was simple to him, although the same person he was after had mysteriously escaped him the previous time... He felt an electrifying shiver spinning down his spine. It was late in the evening. There was pitch-black darkness surrounding him. The person stood there, as still as a statue, on a hillside above a lonely house. The shadow moved attentively from left to right and then back again. He was lost in his thoughts. "What am I doing? Am I doing the right thing?" echoed the strong voice in his mind. "I've already started, and now I must finish what I have begun," he muttered under his breath. The misty shadow picked up his rifle and pressed hard against the trigger. ...read more.


There was no light. Blackness surrounded the deserted house. The man lit a large candle. The person was young and innocent. He had dark brown hair with black eyes. His lips trembled. His face showed fear. He felt scared. What was he to be scared of? The man took out his gun. He loaded it. His finger shook aggressively as he placed it on the trigger. What was going to happen? The shadow, out in the darkness walked steadily towards the eerie building. He walked, talking his time. His loaded rifle clutched tightly in his sweaty hands. The rain had soaked him. He was nearly there. Each of his paces took him closer and closer towards the mysterious building. At last, he got there. Clenching tightly on his rifle, he crept inside the window, making sure the shattered glass didn't hurt him. ...read more.


"Aahhhhh" the man cried out in agony. He was speechless. He fell on the floor in pain. Blood trickled down his chest. It dripped down on the wooden surface. Four bullets had landed in his chest. The cold-blooded shadow had brutally killed this man. He had killed him for the money. This was his job. He was an assassin. The victim breathed his last. He laid flat on the floor, like a statue- he was dead. His sweet death was what the assassin had wanted. His face glowed joy and triumphant. He was victorious. He had accomplished his mission. The assassin made his get away. His eyes stared wildly around, looking from left to right, making sure know-one was following him. From the far end of the street, he saw a jet of flashing blue and red lights. He heard its sirens. He ran away from the eerie house to somewhere far away from that dramatic scene. The misty shadow disappeared into the darkness. ...read more.

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