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The assassin

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The assassin Not far from the city I sat in my offices reminiscing on the day I just had. I sat anxiously waiting for an important business client. The office environment had cooled down from the earlier frantic and stressful atmosphere. The time was exactly 6 pm. The meeting was scheduled for 5:45. Sweat was dripping down my head. I looked out the window to calm my self. The outside looked frenzied and crowded. Everyone looked stressed sitting in the motionless traffic. Smartly dressed business employees were rushing past. The skyscrapers loomed over the people scurrying like ants. I gazed over to the wall in front and admired the innovative paintings hanging. I got up out of my executive chair. Stepped out onto my new Persian rug and starting walking up and down to calm my nerves. I tilted my head and admired the antic chandelier hanging from the centre of the ceiling. ...read more.


I pulled the hanky from my forehead. And I feared the worst. He slowly reached for his jacket pocket. This suspicion turned to distrust. At that moment to my sudden shock, from his pocket he pulled a pistol. All my thoughts suddenly drawed to my past. Was he a man from my past bearing revenge? There was an eerie silence in the room. All of a sudden he broke the silence to my relief. "As you can see I'm not here for a business meeting" he said in a calm voice. "I'm here to for fill a contract". This was far more sinister than I first thought. I had to discover his motive. All my negotiation skills would have to be put to use. I had to keep him talking to delay the inevitable. My first thought was to calm situation. Was I a dead man walking? In my mind I had a plan. ...read more.


He then stood up and pointed the gun at me. "Look on the table realise anything missing" I said rather confidently. The assassins looked down and said "I'm not playin......... wait where's the other whisky glass gone" he said rather worriedly. The inevitable had come to him of the situation. I then informed him that the whisky glass was locked in the safe with his fingers prints on the glass. He then looked at me and said "you don't fool me, my glass is on the desk". I then said "your own suspicion was your downfall when you swapped the glasses around. The assassin dropped back into his chair and tilted his head back. The blank expression on the assassins face, the tables had been turned. At that moment the phone rang. I answered the phone there was a moment of silence, as I looked up the gun man had vanished from the chair. Then a faint voice started to speak it seemed to be my wife. It was like she had heard a ghost. Had I found the real assassin? ...read more.

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