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The Assassin. He is lying in soaking wet bracken; he is just outside the forest line.

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The Assassin (Haydn Page) It is hammering down with rain. Clouds? You could not see them, the rain was so thick. There is a man on the side of the hill checking he his surroundings. A black sports bag sits next to him. He is lying in soaking wet bracken; he is just outside the forest line. He then looked through his black and white binoculars that he had hanging from his neck. You can hear the focusing of the binoculars; he looks through the binoculars. There is nothing. Except an old lonely house leading up to the house there was a sloppy path in mud. There are no feelings or emotions in the mans eyes while examining the house. The house was grey with black stains on the left and right side of the building. There are four windows and a door at the front of the house. ...read more.


The man examining the house tracks a car coming up the track. It is silver with rust spots; this is a car containing the victim. Two bright red lights came on then the brakes thudded on, he stopped in the middle of the driveway. A sheep held up the old man from getting to his house. The sheep moved on to a grass patch with the help of a horn and flashing head lights on and off. The frightened sheep saw the car to the house with its glare. Then car stops as he approached the house two bright lights ping on, the wipers stopped with a thud, click... click... click the hand brake snaps on the engine dies with a whine. He looks in his rear view mirror to see tyre marks in the track behind him. That soon fades due the volume of rain. ...read more.


He looked into the sky to see a dark grey. The gentleman then pulled gloves out put them on, reached in his bag again to find a gas cylinder. The twisted the tape smelling gas, the assassin hurled it through the window. It sounded like you breaking a very expensive vase. The gas fell short of the victim. The victim stopped. He can smell the gas. He new what was going to happen. A lit match was thrown. Bang! After the match was thrown in the house it was outrageous a room was ripped away from the old house as easily as relationship. The old man in his 60s is definitely dead. There are no remains of the room, body, chair, table, and old TV, the gas cylinder! None of it the room left, except ashes of the demoralizing explosion. A quarter of the house was ripped out all the assassin can see is two door ways and some blackened interior walls. The lethal assassin slowly walks of to forest on the hill. ...read more.

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