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THE ASSASSIN He was always surprised by the way they looked. Often standing there in silence he would envy

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THE ASSASSIN He was always surprised by the way they looked. Often standing there in silence he would envy the serenity in their faces. It's not that he didn't feel remorse, he never felt anything. More out of habit than respect he knelt down and slid his long slender fingers in one accurate swoop and shut her eye lids. Leonard the friendly but slightly senile watchmen walked towards 345, he relished his little chats with Miss Marcini, She was the only one who used to ask him how his day was, not the usual 'were fine Leonard' followed by a swift but abrupt shut of the door. Although past his prime he could still appreciate those legs "hmmm Miss Marcini's legs, wow" he thought to himself. As the Assassin reached for his notebook he smirked, in his little black book he etched target Marcini elimin... before he could finish he could hear sounds of footsteps, each step progressively getting louder, time was short, removing the leather gloves from his beautifully crafted suite jacket he headed for the window and after the satisfying squelch of leather on his hands, he exited without looking back. ...read more.


As he lay in his bed he knew tomorrow would bring a new day and a new job. He wouldn't dream, he doesn't dream anymore. Mr. Marcini's face slowly tightened, on the other end of the receiver detective Kurshaw slowly with little emotion described what had happened to Mr Marcini's daughter, Kurshaw finished with a feigned gesture of sympathy, gang family assassinations were not new to him. The phone was now silent yet Mr Marcini still held the receiver to his ear, time for grief would be later, revenge is the only course... Tuesday the 18th, his alarm clock proclaimed loudly. It was 7:30 in the morning and the sun shone brightly over his tanned skin. Without hesitation or even so much as a rub of his eyes he rose and headed for the shower. Routine kept him sane. After a protein rich breakfast he sat down by his desk, people knew how it worked; a fax with a name and a photo, that's all he needed. ...read more.


They were subtly hidden in an alley tactfully kept out of sight from the general public. As he passed through he noticed that infamous 'C' imprinted in almost every notch and design surrounding the building. He kept running through his head how this would happen, like any other job he's done, get in and out swiftly and its done with out a trace. After a minute of searching through the different doors he managed to locate the sleeping quarters of one Mr. C Marcini. So there and then the scene was set like in his head as the assassin slowly installed the silencer onto his pistol; Marcini peacefully sleeping in his bed, but with a sudden jerk he rose and with almost equal reactions the assassin had the gun pressing against the targets forehead. Mr. Marcini woke up in a dreadful sweat, he recalled that he had had a dream and smiled, until the reflection of a dead body next to his bed in the front mirror left him still. The Assassin had a lot of pride with his job and had never missed a target before...he wasn't about to start then. 1 ...read more.

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