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The Assassin-Original Writing

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He emerged from the heavy shadows in the dark, eerie alley and approached the building with extreme caution. The man wore a pitch black ninja-like uniform which covered the whole of his tall, agile body; except his eyes which scintillated in the midnight atmosphere. He advanced to the back door of the museum. Slowly, very carefully he turned the rusty handle and pushed it gradually away from him; ready for the unexpected... As he entered, he suddenly came across a filing cabinet and decided to hide behind it to avoid any unanticipated danger. His stance was low. Literally on his knees. The ninja moved onwards at a snail's pace; away from the filing cabinet, exposing himself... ...read more.


Staring at the vibrating phone, the small man went as white as snow. The murderer once again held up a deadly weapon and pointed it at him. 'Get down on the floor!' yelled the assassin. The man's lips began to quiver as he said, 'Please, my wife has had a baby, please! '. 'No!' roared the slaughterer as the sound of gunshots echoed through the deserted museum. Taking two steps at a time, the lethal man staggered up the marble staircase as he had little time spare. He needed to be swift. When he reached the top of the stairs, he barged his way through the roof door which was as tough as old leather and the cold breeze smacked his face as he stood, staring at the stars which hung in the sky. ...read more.


The rifle lens swayed through the city looking for its target. The man jerked as he placed his prey in a tall, glowing building, standing up with a suit and a briefcase in his hand. The red dot on the rifle's lens was directed at the head of the anonymous victim... ...the assassin smirked when he saw the spurts of blood and bits of brains sliding of the window in the victim's room. One of the greatest presidents flopped to the floor like a sack of potatoes. The assignment was not yet accomplished. He darted down the stairs swinging his rifle over his shoulder; he dashed across the blood-spattered rooms and leaped through the gaping back door, disappearing down New York Street in the shadowy blackness of the night. Result: 19/27 B ?? ?? ?? ?? David Rassam Mr. Webster ...read more.

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